Friday, 16 October 2015

PLEX Report October 2015

Well after another month long hiatus, I've been back again for a little more than a week. I logged in 4 or 5 times, spending half an hour to an hour each time updating and placing PLEX orders.

The no-lifers and bots seem to be pushing really hard to raise PLEX prices again, which is great for my business. Rising prices means I can easily make big profits with almost no effort. :)

Like this:

Note those transactions are over a ~3 day period where I *didn't* log in at all.

Easy money...

I also posted some more sell orders on old stock (stuff bought months ago when I was working hundreds of different items) in a couple places. Even though it's months later and it takes time to sell it off, the profits I'm making on most of that old stock are quite high. In some cases amazingly high (well over 100% profit).

Here's a small sample of that business:

Friday, 21 August 2015

Uedama - Nice Try Ganker

So there I was minding my own business on a 12 jump trip from Motsu picking up stuff scattered all over the region when I passed through the gank camp in Uedama.

As usual I was on auto-pilot and afk... During prime time on a Friday. Some ganker must've thought afk Blockade Runners are easy targets.

He was wrong...

Dead wrong...

I made it all the way through and jumped out of Uedama on auto-pilot, he got Concorded and all it cost me was a 143k repair bill at the next stop. :)

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Vlad the Bot

Yesterday I said I'd disclose the name of a market  botter in my next post. Here it is, the botter's main character in Genesis is Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putain

I've been watching this guy (or more precisely his orders) for a long time now. Over 2 years though I didn't know his name at first. Another player contacted me in private telling me he'd had the exact same problem with the same character over a year earlier (more 3 years from now). In fact that player told me the botter's name before I'd figured out who the botter was myself.

Vlad the bot is virtually always online other than once or twice a month when he goes offline for a couple hours. He responds to cuts on any of his hundreds and hundreds (more than one character's worth for sure) of orders within a few minutes... No matter what time it is or how long it's been since the last time someone cut him. Three minutes or 3 months, it doesn't matter, he'll nearly always respond within about 5 minutes at the most and often much quicker than that.

Here's an example from today. I logged in and raised my buy price on PLEX. Less than 4 minutes later he'd raised his buy price to exactly 0.01 ISK higher than mine.

The next cut took even less time for him to respond.

I waited more than 15 minutes before cutting again, it only took 58 seconds for him to respond this time. That's pretty much standard operating procedure for him, the first cut might take 4 or 5 minutes before he responds but subsequent cuts are responded to even more quickly, usually less than 1 minute, regardless if I wait 5 minutes or several hours between my own cuts.

I could put buy orders up on many other things, many different faction mods (sisters launchers for example), most popular ships (including almost any T2/T3 ship) and the same thing will happen. Practically anything that's worth very much, is popular and sells reasonably well. He'll cut it within minutes.

To put it all into perspective, in Genesis roughly 20 PLEX sell every day. That's 600 PLEX a month and the bot gets virtually all of them. Sell orders are generally at least 20 million over buy orders and sometimes 30, 40 or even 50 million higher. With half decent faction standings that's at least 10 million profit per PLEX. 600 PLEX at 10 million profit each is 6 billion ISK.  Even if half that 600 is buys and the other half sales, that's still 3 billion a month profit.

And that's just the minimum profit on only one of the many hundreds (possibly thousands) of items his bot has been controlling for years.

I'm Back!

After a fairly lengthy hiatus playing UT4 pre-alpha, I logged back into EVE again some 36 hours ago. All but 2 accounts had expired and one of those was about to expire in a few more hours. I burned a few PLEX re-activating several accounts and reactivated all but one of the rest the next day (today).

So I'm back for now though uncertain for how long.

It's been almost 3 full months since the last time I logged on so nearly all of my buy and sell orders had expired. I was surprised to note my net worth hadn't dropped very much at all. In fact it was up slightly until I burned those PLEX reactivating accounts.

So with plenty of ISK burning holes in my pockets I decided to do things a little differently this time.

First I put up buy and sell orders for PLEX in most empire regions. Then I went to work on the new part, the market raider with hundreds of billions to spend buying up low priced stock and resetting prices higher.

Of course prices won't stay that high for long but I sold 3 at that price which represents a profit of 75 million each on 3 of the ones I paid 45 million for. That's 225 million in total profit on just 3 sales, enough to more than cover the 13 I paid more than 40 million for with another 100 million or so profit left over.

Then I sold another 20 or so for 60-65 million each. At least 20 million profit on each of those for about 400 million more profit. So another 500 million plus to cover "overpayment" on the ones I paid between 35 and 40 million for. That covers at least another 100 I "overpaid" for, the price is still over 46 million right now and I'll still be making decent profits even if the price drops well under 40 mil.

It'll be interesting to see what happens next. A lot depends on what kind of stockpiles others have been holding onto. Maybe the price will go back up again in a day so, or maybe it'll drop low enough I'll do another buyout to put even more pressure on the market.

I'm mostly doing this to shake things up and see what happens. So far it's looking like I'll be making ISK and maybe a lot of ISK.

Oh yeah... It didn't take the Malma bot long at all to respond to the 3 new buy orders I placed in Genesis yesterday. The only 3 buy orders I have up in Genesis period right now. For 3 months I didn't even log in once, yet shortly after do log in and post those 3 orders he's right back to cutting me again. Within minutes just like always. I've had enough of him and his shit. He's been getting away with it for years, next post I'm going to disclose his name so everyone knows exactly who the lowlife cheating bastard is.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Unreal Editor for UT4 now available for free

Great news from Epic for FPS players and especially mappers!

The new build of Unreal Tournament 4 released today includes a downloadable map editor for the game. The mapping scene for UT4 is going to explode now.

It sounds like they've done a lot of work on optimizing weapon effects this build. Hopefully that'll fix my problems with extremely high CPU usage and make the game fun to play with more than 3 or 4 players again.

There are also at least two fully meshed maps available now. It'll be interesting to see what performance is like with plenty of eyecandy in the maps instead of just being basic BSP shells.

And of course I'm really looking forward to playing with the map editor though that's going on the back burner until I play the game for a few hours (at least).

 Finally here's a quick copy/paste of the major changes from the patch notes.

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:
  • New DM-Outpost23 fully meshed visual bar level.
  • New Malcolm and Necris characters are playable.
  • Re-skinned and updated Launcher.
  • New Unreal Tournament Marketplace with cosmetic items by community contributors.
  • DM-Lea by CaptainMigraine is available for free from the markeplace.
  • Unreal Editor customized for UT is now available for free from Launcher.
  • New set of web tutorials to teach you how to create content and mods for UT. Check them out at .
  • Polished and optimized weapon effects.
  • Revamped menus with new graphics and layout.
  • Hubs are now fully functional.
  • First pass on performance optimization, barely touched the surface.
  • Polished and optimized weapon effects.
  • Revamped menus with new graphics and layout.
  • Hubs are now fully functional.
  • First pass on performance optimization, barely touched the surface.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

PLEX Business Progress

Just a quick screenshot to show the PLEX business is going good.

I'm slowly increasing my volume and making better than expected profits. Slowly grinding those broker fees down on more characters too. So far I'm finding as those fees go down both volume and profits per PLEX go up. I don't expect that to last long though. Once I have the fees down on all my traders I'll push even more aggressively for volume. At that point the competition is likely to get fierce and profits per PLEX will go down.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

UT4 - Spam Online

I've been playing quite a lot of UT4 (Unreal Tournament 4 pre-Alpha) lately. While the game is still early in development the core gameplay mechanics are coming along and starting to give us a pretty good idea of what we can expect in the end.

I'm not sure I'm going to like the final result. The thing I liked most about the original UT is it was what I consider an inbetween game, a well balanced game that didn't favour one playstyle over another.

It wasn't just another twitch reaction game with absurd movement like Quake, nor was it a too realistic slow paced camper game like CoD.

It was in between those extremes, a game you could be successful at playing either way.

It wasn't all about long range instant hit weapons like the rifle, nor was it all about close ranged in your face fighting with rockets and flak.

In fact the best strategy was often playing to an opponent's weaknesses. If your opponent preferred close combat, fight him at medium or long range with sniper and shock. If he preferred long range combat, take the fight to him at close range with rockets and flak.

Then you had the mini, a terrific midrange weapon, very good at short range and as a finishing weapon but not so good at point blank range and weak at long range. And of course the extremely versatile shock which has always been UT's signature weapon and a favourite of better / more experienced players in almost any situation at almost any range.

Ever since UT2k3 the game has moved towards a Quake-like twitch game where the one thing that matters above all else is reaction time. Most of the time ping, hardware and configuration settings make more of a difference than actual skill. The guy with the lower ping and the least video/input lag wins.

In the original game you could compensate for that with various different strategy and tactics. And the guy with the ping/hardware advantage couldn't just fly across the entire map grabbing all the powerups in under 5 seconds either.

Now you can cross the entire map much more quickly. Strategy is pretty much just "whore the armor and spawn rape". If you control the powerups nothing else really matters much. And tactics have devolved to the platform jumper level of just moving quickly and unpredictably while spamming the fire button.

The shock rifle is insane right now. High damage, high rate of fire and extremely spammable. It's the only weapon that's good at any range and in virtually all situations. In fact about the only situation where shock isn't clearly best / tied with the best is at point blank range where flak beats it... But that'll likely change soon since all the shock whores are crying to nerf the flak.

Just about every match on every map is one giant spamfest with the better, more experienced players spamming shock (or maybe Flak) and everyone else spamming whatever they can get their hands on and get a few shots off with before dying again.

Online player numbers were at their highest with the original game and have been dropping ever since. Since the original game had the highest player counts why do they continue taking the game in a direction that reduces player numbers rather than going back to it's more successful roots?

I don't care for the direction the game seems to be taking. It's turning into a 3d platform jumper with guns.

How about putting some of the skill back into it?