Friday 2 August 2013

Mindlink Price Crash Coming Soon

In Odyssey 1.1 there are many changes being made to mindlinks.

The most important change from a market player's perspective is they will be available at Concord LP Stores for 20,000 Concord LP and 20m isk with an expected final product sale price of 60-80 million.

With mindlinks currently selling for more than that, we can expect the markets to be flooded with cheap mindlinks on patch day and for several weeks afterward. Prices for all mindlinks will crash from current levels.

Mining Foreman Mindlinks in particular are currently priced over 1 billion ISK each. Expect them to be flooded even more than other mindlinks and crash harder.

So for those of you with big stocks of mindlinks, expecially Mining Foreman links, start dumping them now and get what you can for them before 1.1 lands.

As the word spreads there will probably be a bit of panic among investors with stockpiles of mindlinks. Expect a mini crash before the patch as investors stop buying and start fighting to dump their stock before prices crash hard. Mining Foreman Mindlinks being so high priced will almost certainly crash harder and sooner than the others.

Lucky for me I only have 1 Mining Foreman mindlink so I should be able to dump it within a day or two without taking a loss.

There are also new Navy Mindlinks coming in 1.1 which are expected to go for around 200 mil ISK.

A big thank you to adwisdog for pointing this out to me in comments on another post here. I did know mindlinks were being changed but I'd somehow missed the fact that they were being added to loyalty point stores too!

Update: I already sold my one Mining Foreman Mindlink for 1,399,999,000.00 ISK. It only took 15 minutes of camping and 3 price cuts.


  1. yes - that could be a killer for this market. seems there is no ETA just yet on the patch - but certainly I bought and sold my last mining mindlink today.

    sigh, I liked that profit it generated . . .

    1. You can probably get away with buying 1 at a time and reselling them quickly for a 100-200 mil profit.

      The catch is you'll probably lose on the last one bought before the panic begins and investors start dumping stock.