Friday 4 October 2013

Warp Speed and Acceleration

We knew changes were coming to warp speed and warp acceleration in Rubicon but we didn't have any details until recently.

Here's a link to CCP Fozzie's official post with details on the warp changes

I like it! A lot!

Here's the meat of Fozzie's post, links to charts showing how long warps of different distances will take before and after the changes.

How long it takes for different ships to make warps of different lengths now.
And how long it'll take with the current design for Rubicon.

Note, "current design" obviously implies it's still subject to change.

I believe these changes are going to be a good thing, it all seems to be extremely well thought out and perfectly balanced to me. Of course with all the Blockade Runner pilots I have I particularly like how it's going to affect them. Blockade Runners are already one of the fastest warping ships but they're going to get a whole lot faster in Rubicon. In fact Blockade Runners (along with Interdictors) will have the second best warp times of any ships in the game (only Interceptors and Covert Ops will warp faster).

These changes are going to be awesome, they get a big thumbs up from me!

Something for market speculators to keep an eye on, with these changes Gravitational Capacitors may become a more popular choice on T3 cruisers. If so they'll almost certainly go up in price.

Then again, maybe not. I'll almost certainly still prefer the lower alignment times I get with Intercalated Nanofibers, Interdiction Nullifiers are pretty much a must have for many pilots in null and the normal space speed bonus from Fuel Catalysts is really nice for AB fits too.

It'll be interesting to see how much of an affect Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizers will have on the new warp times too. Currently a pair of them increases warp speed on a Prowler from 9 to 13 AU per second or nearly 45%. For T1 ships with 3 of them fit it's closer to 70%. That might be an even better item for speculators to watch.


  1. For Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizers to go up in price for more than just the short term, the components they're built from (Burned Logic Circuit, Charred Micro, Circuit Thruster Console) would have to go up. They're currently almost free on the market. Building T1 rigs from salvage components is quick and cheap.

    1. The profit potential is definitely there, but almost nobody is buying anymore. I'm expecting the price to stabilize back down close to where it used to be, especially for the next month, rather than increasing the price of the components appreciably. In the past week, the price of them has already dropped 25% as everyone's rigs come out of build.

      On the other hand, you can make a pretty good profit selling to buy orders, as long as people keep putting them up.

    2. Velocity optimizers aren't used much now, if they become more popular the price will most likely go up... Even if the cost for mats to make them doesn't.

      It's all about supply and demand. The highest margins are often in popular, easily made items. When there's enough demand for a particular rig or mod you can often buy it ridiculously cheap in one place, move stacks of them a couple jumps and sell them for much more than they usually go for, 10x, 100x, even 1000x more.

      I'm not saying that *will happen, I'm just saying if they become popular enough it *could happen so it's something to watch for.

      If it does happen and a speculator happens to be sitting on big stacks of them bought *very cheaply *before the patch, he stands to make some nice ISK.