Tuesday 19 November 2013

Pyfa v 1.1.17 - Rubicon Version

It's been difficult finding download links for Pyfa for quite a while. I posted a link to a new version with data for the SoE ships a few days ago and got a ton of hits from people looking for that so here are some more links to the even newer v1.1.17 for Rubicon.

The first two links are to the most recent versions (at the time of this post) for Windows and Mac.

http://dl.eve-files.com/media/corp/Kadesh/pyfa-1.1.17-rubicon-1.0-win.zip (for Windows)
http://dl.eve-files.com/media/corp/Kadesh/pyfa-1.1.17-rubicon-1.0-mac.zip (for Mac)

The next link is to Kadesh's full list of downloadable files on eve-files.com which has links to the latest version of Pyfa, older versions and some other stuff too. Check this link in the future for more recent versions.


And a Github link


And here's a link to the Pyfa for Rubicon release post on the official Eve Online forums


I have noticed at least one Pyfa error related to the warp speed changes. On Prowlers the warp speed calculation is still using the old values. I haven't checked any other ships, but there are probably others (maybe all ships) with the same problem.

On another note, I have to say the warp speed changes have not disappointed. They're every bit as awesome on Prowlers as I expected. On frigates (Vigils with 3 Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizers) they're even better than I expected!

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  1. I am looking forward to running my claw with the 3 rigs... even before hand it was fast, now that it's speed in warp and ability to run bubbles is in, I think it might be time to retire the tengu and the little frig that could as the kind of high value, low volume items