Thursday, 16 January 2014

Death Race 2014 - Starts Monday Jan 20th

The only good goon is a dead goon!

Let's kill some goons!

Death Race 2014 is a week long event, running from noon Monday Jan 20th until noon Monday Jan 27th.

Death Race 2014 is a race from EC-P8R to VFK-IV with lots of fun killing goons along the way. EC-P8R is the most notorious (practically permanently manned) gate camp in the game, a high to null gateway on a high traffic route to goonswarm's home system of VFK-IV where their capital VFK-IV VI (aka Mittanigrad) is located..


1st place - 2 billion ISK
2nd place - 1 billion ISK
3rd place - 1 billion ISK

4th place 1 PLEX
5th place 1 PLEX

Prizes will be mailed in game to the winners.

Race Rules

There are no entry fees.
Anyone may enter. Even goons killing other goons!
All times are in server time.

For the purposes of this race "goon" is defined as any member of a corporation in the GoonSwarm Federation alliance.
In order to claim a kill you must have the final blow. If anyone else gets the final blow it's his kill, not your's.
All kills and killmail values must be API verified with killmail links provided by participants.

The contest will run for 1 full week. From noon Mon Jan 20 until noon Mon Jan 27.
Participants may make multiple runs during that week and enter each run into the contest, however each character is only eligible to win one prize.

To qualify for the race and start a run you must kill a ship or pod in EC-P8R. Any kill counts, it doesn't have to be a goon, though it won't count for points unless it is a goon.

Once you have your qualifying kill you have 24 hours to collect points killing goons.
To finish the race you must kill your last ship or pod in VFK-IV. Again, any kill counts as a finishing kill, but in order to score points it must be a goon.

Points will be scored as follows

For every full hour (partial hours do not count) less than 24 hours it takes you to finish the race you will receive 1 point.
For every goon ship kill you will receive 1 point.
For every goon pod kill you will receive 1 point.

For both ship and pod kills you will receive 1 additional point for every full 100 million ISK in killmail value (calculated for each individual kill, NOT as a combined total). Killmails for 99,999,999.99 ISK or less are worth no additional points, 100,000,000.00 to 199,999,999.99 ISK are worth 1 additional point, 200,000,000.00 to 299,999,999.99 are worth 2 additional points and so on.

Non goon kills may be counted as qualifying or finishing kills but do not count for points.
Only killing goons counts for points.

If you do not finish your run with a kill in VFK-IV VI, you will be deemed having failed to complete the race and will be ineligible for prizes.

In the event that it takes you more than 24 hours to get a finishing kill in VFK-IV, late kills will count for the purpose of finishing the race, however no kills more than 24 hours after the initial qualifying kill (in EC-P8R) will count for points.

Multiple kills in the starting and finishing systems are fine. It's completely up to you which ones you wish to designate as the first (qualifying) and last (finishing) kills.

You may not score points for any goon kills made after the time of your finishing kill.
Nor may you score points for any goon kills made more than 24 hours after your initial qualifying kill. This includes late finishing kills (which will count as finishing kills but will not score points).

Entering and Scoring your Runs

To enter simply post a comment here in this article with the results of your run, complete with scoring math and links to API verified killmails. You are responsible for scoring your own run. After the contest is over scores will be double checked beginning with the highest score submitted and working downwards until the winners have been determined.

Runs started before noon Monday 20 Jan are not eligible for entry.
Scoring ends on Monday Jan 27th at noon. Kills made after noon will not count for points, however finishing kills up to 6 hours later will be accepted.

It is possible some scoring mistakes will be made and scores will be adjusted accordingly, however any entries riddled with mistakes will be invalidated and thrown out.

In addition, if you submit a run where you repeatedly kill the same goon (especially if he's always in a rookie ship or pod) over and over, or something along those lines, don't be surprised if your run gets tossed out too.

Participants are encouraged to check scores too, to help me identify submissions with fake killmails, non goon kills and the like. I'm no expert on that kind of thing so I'd appreciate all the help I can get..


  1. mox.. when u say goon are including their pets as well like co2..gents..etc.?

    1. If they're in goonswarm federation they count, if not they don't count.

  2. If it wasn't for the kill/final blow requirement it would be easy to score 23 points :)

    1. Get some ships in Torrinos. Jump to EC- and attempt to blap something before dying.
    2. Reship and travel to VFK within an hour.
    3. Try to kill something in VFK. For best effort get some scouts in system to assist with the kill but making sure you get the final blow.

    I wonder if any goon/cfc members will use out of corp alts to try and score, possibly sacrifing some cheap tech1 fast tackle frigates of their own to score some points.
    Kill your CFC/goon main in fast tackle frigates a few times, this is not that expensive. Do this a reasonable amount of times within a few hours time. Score 30-40 points.
    Depending on how many serious participants that manage to kill some valuable ships it's possible to end up in the top 5 and earn back your investment.

    How are you advertising this? Getting Gevlon Goblin to link to your challenge could reach more potential participants and might ensure more goons in space to act as viable targets. Or goons will respond by docking up and providing less targets.
    It doesn't really matter though. Any response will allow you or Gevlon to pull out the opportunity cost argument or how an insignificant amount of players can force the biggest corporation in EVE to respond.

    1. Yup, that's one reason for the final blow requirement, but the main reason is to make sure they cause some disruption in goon space and don't just camp a gate or gank goons in hisec.

      Some probably will, but if it's really obvious that's what they did, their scores will get tossed out.

      Advertising so far has been linking the article in local chat sporadically. I have thought about putting a link up in comments on one of gg's lemmings posts and on reddit too but I'm not sure if I want to do that. I'm sure it would generate more interest but I'd kind of like to see how much interest there is without anything like that. Especially if others decide to link it on their own. A reddit link would do wonders no doubt.

      I'm not too worried about turnout this time. Even if it's poor, 5 people will make some easy money and the word will spread from that for the future. Most players don't know who I am and will probably be skeptical if it's for real or not until after the winners of the first event get paid.

    2. Also I expect some will have a fleet helping them get the kills. That's another reason for the killing blow requirement. So we don't have 5 people with identical scores winning the contest.

      I might run a similar contest later where you just have to be on the killmail to claim a kill. It'd be interesting to see how that affects the turnout and it'd certainly make it easier to get high scores.

    3. Hmmm, it would give FC's incentive to run a roam from EC- to VFK to score some kills.
      A Brave Newbies fleet for example could rack up quite a score since I am pretty sure goons would undock for the promise of a fleet fight.

    4. Yup, I was thinking it might encourage some BB fleets to head for goon space. Imagine the chaos competent fleets of stealth bombers camping mittanigrad would cause. =)