Friday 17 January 2014

Regional Market Rankings Update - Jan 2014

In November of last year I posted a list Ranking Regional Markets in Empire Space. Since then I've found having a ranked list of empire regions sorted by total market size is incredibly useful for a variety of reasons.

Since that list was compiled a few regions have become busier while others have become less busy so I've updated my list.

All data was pulled from station ranking lists on Friday Jan 17 2014.

The Forge 143,908 orders 30,769,716,463,253 ISK
Domain 72,514 orders 7,900,220,744,514 ISK
Sinq Laison 60,595 orders 4,955,938,856,290 ISK
Heimatar 50,560 orders 4,385,403,986,019 ISK
Metropolis 46,152 orders 3,544,407,625,690 ISK
Lonetrek 43,161 orders 2,807,163,747,878 ISK
Essence 33,955 orders 2,219,897,092,873 ISK
The Citadel 30,287 orders 2,097,881,608,667 ISK

Placid 24,600 orders 1,501,879,821,111 ISK
Tash-Murkon 21,147 orders 1,396,690,947,187 ISK
Derelik 17,438 orders 1,158,290,756,358 ISK
Khanid 12,630 orders 1,081,642,392,500 ISK
Black Rise 15,800 orders 1,077,269,742,466 ISK

Genesis 17,954 orders 908,164,532,910  ISK
Everyshore 16,681 orders 901,394,452,76 ISK
Verge Vendor 20,366 orders 888,225,237,601 ISK
Kador 12,134 orders 626,051,065,007 ISK
Kor-Azor 10,350 orders 631,657,062,927 ISK
Devoid 9,231 orders 679,609,057,998 ISK

Molden Heath 10,000 orders 528,071,813,608 ISK
The Bleak Lands 6,569 orders 352,359,818,669 ISK
Aridia 5,152 orders 301,100,809,519 ISK
Solitude 6,371 orders 281,543,692,117 ISK

Note the bottom 4 plus Placid and Black Rise are all regions composed of mostly low sec systems and where the primary activity is PvP.

The big movers were Placid and Genesis moving up the list with growing markets. Genesis in particular saw growth of over 200 billion with most of the new business on Apanake which has very quickly grown from a sleepy little backwater mission hub into the most active mission hub and biggest market hub in the region.

I think it'd be great if eve-marketdata would put up a new page that automatically generates a list like this with options to show empire regions, non-empire regions, or both.

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