Wednesday 14 April 2021

DM-HeatRay remake

 Remake of DM-HeatRay from UT3 for UT4 Pre Alpha.

HeatRay was one of the maps included with the UT3 Demo and a very popular map in UT3. Though I never played UT3, this was one map I kept hearing players wanted in UT4 so I decided to try my hand at converting it.

It turned out pretty good. I'm very happy with the results and really starting to like playing the map myself now.

I mostly used the original meshes and textures though I did change meshes and materials for several decorative props like barrels, trash, trees, grass, ivy vines and ferns. Lighting is very similar to the original too. Layout is identical but scaled up to suit UT4 character scale and movement.

The DarkWalker is decorative only, it is not a vehicle like it was in the UT3 map. I did make a few item pickup changes, placing a redeemer underneath the Darkwalker, replacing Invisibility with Damage Amplifier and replacing 25 armor with 50 armor.

Download here:

P.S Thanks to Barsam for running the UT3 map through UT4XConverter to extract the original assets for me.