Tuesday 26 February 2013

Wizardry Online

A while back I heard about a new game Wizardry Online, supposedly a hardcore dungeons and dragons style MMO. I downloaded it last week and rolled a couple characters but haven't really played it other than for an hour or two.

Wizardry is free to play though it has pay options too. The game has 5 races, 4 classes, 3 alignments, soul levels (account wide) and character levels. There's a class change with the option to carry over a few skills (your choice which) from your former class (multi-class).

Permanent death (aka perma-death) - Sounds scary but it's not nearly as bad as it sounds. Really you almost have to want it for it to happen. Even then it's not as bad as it sounds, you have to start a new character but assuming your soul level went up too, the new character will level much faster.

Bonus points - When you roll a new character you get a stat bonus points roll. The maximum bonus point roll is 70. Up to 10 bonus points can be put into each stat and there are 7 stats. Most rolls fall between 6 and 12 with a very small chance of anything higher. I rolled a 58 (took about 12 hours) and a 38 (another 3-4 hours). Bonus points make a big difference at low levels but as you level up stats even out. By the time you hit level 40 you'll have about the same stats as a character that started with a normal bonus roll of 12 or less. Each class has a primary and secondary stat, any bonus role of 20 or more will allow you to max both of them.

Most players seem to use an AutoHotKey script to get good bonus rolls. It doesn't seem to be considered cheating either, neither by the players nor by the developer so I used it too.

Here's the AHK auto-roller script

Loop {
;MouseClick, left,  281, 615, 5 ;(Race Selection) - >Human (M)
;MouseClick, left,  286, 655, 5 ;(Race Selection) - >Human (F)
MouseClick, left,  437, 617, 5 ;(Race Selection) - >Elf (M)
;MouseClick, left,  438, 654, 5 ;(Race Selection) - >Elf (F)
;MouseClick, left,  584, 617, 5 ;(Race Selection) - >Dwarf (M)
;MouseClick, left,  587, 657, 5 ;(Race Selection) - >Gnome (F)
;MouseClick, left,  737, 622, 5 ;(Race Selection) - >Porkul (M)
;MouseClick, left,  738, 657, 5 ;(Race Selection) - >Porkul (F)
Sleep, 200
MouseClick, left,  447, 723, 5
Sleep, 2550
PixelSearch, colorX, colorY, 490, 378, 502, 391, 0xFFFFFF
if !ErrorLevel
MouseClick, left,  513, 416, 5
Sleep, 200
MouseClick, left,  575, 726, 5
Sleep, 200


Copy the above, paste it into an editor and save as *.ahk where * is whatever you want to name the script, Wizardry-Autoroller.ahk for example.

To configure the script there are 8 Race Selection lines, 7 commented out (with ; at the start of the line) and 1 active. Make sure there's a ; at the start of 7 of those lines. All of them except the one you want to roll.

Install AutoHotKey and start the script. Then start the game in 1024x768 resolution, go to the character  creation screen and hit CTRL-D to start rolling. The script will stop on any roll of 20 or higher. Hit CTRL-S to pause the script at any time and hit CTRL-S again to resume rolling. It could take hours before you get a good roll, it took me approximately 12 hours to get a 58, then another 3 or 4 hours to get a 38.

I suspect the script doesn't detect rolls of 60-70  but anything much over 20 is pretty good anyhow so it really doesn't matter.

Note RESOLUTION IS IMPORTANT, you must be in 1024x768 resolution or the script will not work properly. Other versions of the script for different resolutions can be found in this thread.

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Market Blunders

It never ceases to amaze me the silly mistakes people make playing the market. This is a screenshot of sell orders.

What's wrong with this picture?

I hope for his sake that was a rookie who hasn't figured out how the market works or what a school system is yet. Otherwise he's not paying nearly enough attention to what he's doing. If so maybe next time ADD strikes he'll sell me something expensive by mistyping his next sell order with a few significant digits missing.

This one's a very minor mistake that won't cost the poster much but I see very costly mistakes frequently too. The worst (yes I've done it myself more than once) is mistyping a price and either paying way too much for something or selling something for way too little.

My own personal worst blunder was entering a few hundred buy orders in a rush while experiencing input lag and paying 2.04 BILLION for a couple implants instead of the 204 million (102 mil each) I wanted to pay for them.

I'm going to make this a semi regular feature, tagged as Blunders and start posting some of the more costly blunders people make.

Sunday 17 February 2013

Character Transfer - 6 accounts now

Last night (actually very early this morning) I spent 1.5 billion setting up another new account (number 6) and transferring one of my traders to it.

My Lonetrek and Hek traders are important to my business but they were on the same account and both have fairly long skill plans. They were on my 3rd account and lagging a couple months behind the traders of Amarr, Dodixie and Rens on account 2. Training them both up to where I want them (Trade skills + Cov Ops) while sharing a training queue would have taken several months and I didn't want to wait that long.

I decided to get the Lonetrek and Hek traders training faster. Since they were on the same account the best way to do that was to move one of them to a new account so they don't have to share the training queue anymore. With a buddy invite to myself I got a 21 day free trial and made a new toon on the account. I transferred 550 million to the new account, bought a plex for 520 million and activated the account with it. Then I hopped on the Hek trader bought 2 more plex, transferred them into the redeeming system and used the plex to transfer the character to the new account.

The account that sent the trial invite also received 30 days free game time (plex is not a reward option when the trial account is activated with a plex).

I'm still waiting for the transfer to go through but it should be done sometime today.

On another note, here's a link to an excellent Trade Theory post I found while browsing through my blog's traffic sources and wondering why I was getting all these referrals from Reddit. The post is very well worth reading. The author implies he'd only been trading for a month when he wrote it. If that's the case, he's picked things up very quickly including a lot of subtleties many traders don't get even after years.

It's kind of funny but Reddit is now my number 2 traffic source (right behind Greedy Goblin and just ahead of Google). The Reddit referrals come from links in just 2 posts there.

Friday 15 February 2013

100 Billion

I hit 100 billion tonight It took almost a year to do it but I play pretty casually. As long as I'm making enough to plex all my accounts plus another 10 billion or so extra I'm satisfied. Lately it's only been taking 4 or 5 days (at 1-2 hours a day) to make that.

I figure if I spent 2 hours a day every day I'd make over 40 billion a month and that number would keep going up as I have more and more to invest every month until I hit the saturation point. Lately though, I haven't been spending much more than about half an hour at a time working the market.

Really the problem is it's so easy making ISK I'm getting bored with it. On the other hand the whole game is boring, I probably would have quit playing a few months back if it wasn't basically free to play because making ISK is so easy.

Thursday 7 February 2013

Insane bomber

I found this crazy youtube video featuring solo PvP in faction/deadspace fit Manticore bombers and Cerebus assault ships. For the first half of the video the pilot is flying a Manticore with a fit based around an oversized Corelum C-Type 10MN Afterburner. With speed implants he gets over 2700 m/s overheated (1900+ without heat), a tiny 39 m signature radius and over 500 DPS from 4k+ torpedo volleys.

Video link: New Era of Manticores

There are some insane fights in there like him taking on 7 or 8 Battlecruisers at once and not only winning but making it look easy.

The fit is expensive (around 750 million at current Jita prices) but it looks like an awful lot of fun. I may have to try it sometime.

[Manticore - Solo PvP Faction Fit]

Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
Navy Micro Auxiliary Power Core

Small Capacitor Booster II, Navy Cap Booster 150
Republic Fleet Warp Disruptor
Corelum C-Type 10MN Afterburner
Pithi C-Type Small Shield Booster

Dread Guristas Torpedo Launcher, Caldari Navy Scourge Torpedo
Dread Guristas Torpedo Launcher, Caldari Navy Scourge Torpedo
Dread Guristas Torpedo Launcher, Caldari Navy Scourge Torpedo
Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
Shadow Serpentis Small Plasma Smartbomb

Small Ancillary Current Router II
Small Ancillary Current Router II

Low-grade Snake Alpha
Low-grade Snake Beta
Low-grade Snake Gamma
Low-grade Snake Delta
Low-grade Snake Epsilon
Low-grade Snake Omega
Zor's Custom Navigation Link
Eifyr and Co. 'Rogue' Fuel Conservation FC-805
Zainou 'Deadeye' Rapid Launch RL-1005

Wednesday 6 February 2013

Off Topic - UFC 156

I'm a big MMA fan. I've been watching the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) since UFC 1 when it was an unsanctioned tournament with the likes of Royce Gracie and Dan Severn.

UFC 156 was one of the better cards in a while. There were some good matchups on the card, Maia vs Fitch for example (Fitch got out-Fitched), but what really made the card great for me was watching 3 guys I can't stand lose to 3 guys I like.

1. Antonio (Bigfoot) Silva KOed Alistair (Overroid) Overreem.

This one could not have turned out better. It was great watching the overrated, overconfident, cheating substance abuser Overroid get his block knocked off. Especially after all of Overroid's trash talk before the fight.

I figured Overroid would win this one but I thought Bigfoot had a lot better chance than most were giving him and he pulled it off. Bigfoot's not the most skilled heavyweight and he's a nice guy (probably a little too nice) but he's still big, tough and has a heart to match. Nice guys do finish first sometimes, especially when the bad guy disrespects them. It was a huge mistake on Roid's part running his mouth like that, Bigfoot got mad and really wanted to hurt his opponent for a change.

I really liked how Silva's corner called it between the 2nd and 3rd rounds. They told Bigfoot, he's tired now, open up with your hands and knock him out. He went out and did exactly that.

2. Little Nog decisioned Rashad Evans.

I never expected Little Nog to win this one. It was a surprise and a big upset but it sure was nice to see. Rashad is one of the phoniest, most conceited shitheads in all of MMA. I just can't stand the guy. Little Nog made Evans eat the jab all night long, stopped the takedowns and cruised to an easy win. Good job!

0 for 2 for the "Blackzillians" on the night. Gotta love it!

3. Jose Aldo decisioned Frankie Edgar.

Awesome! I expected Aldo to win this one but I was worried we might see incompetent judges reward Frankie with yet another undeserved win for his dance routine. AFAIC Edgar's never been a true champion, he doesn't win many fights outright, he runs away and outpoints the other guy in the dance competition. Too bad for Frankie running away doesn't work so well when the other guy is as fast as you are.

Frankie's face was a mess by the end of the fight and he took a few nasty leg kicks too but Jose while maybe a little tired was unhurt. A clear win.

Jose's a class act, besides being one of the very best regardless of size he respects his opponents and always shows up to fight, not dance.

Sunday 3 February 2013

Autopiloting Safely

Many players insist you shouldn't ever use autopilot at all because they believe doing so is never safe.

I disagree, autopilot can be used in relative safety (nothing in Eve is absolutely safe when you're not docked). You just have to be smart about when, where and how you use autopilot.

First off if you're under wardec or you're a criminal then flying on autopilot isn't safe at all so don't use it. Not at all. If someone has kill rights on you that could be just as bad but it's not certain trouble like a wardec or criminal status is.

Assuming the above does not apply to you, you can use autopilot with reasonable safety in hi sec.


Using auto in low/null is just asking for trouble. If you're lucky you might get away with it for a few jumps but it probably won't be long before you run into someone and then you're dead..


Unless otherwise specified, everything after this point assumes a pilot flying in hi sec only. A pilot who is not under wardec, is not a criminal and hasn't given other players reason to hunt/grief/harass him personally.

If you're carrying valuable cargo, especially in a big slow ship, you should use manual piloting instead. Even in hi sec and particularly on the last jump into a major market hub.

How much does your cargo need to be worth before using autopilot becomes too risky?

That depends really.

Leaving aside the rare crazy suicide ganker and anyone with a personal vendetta against you, most gankers are in it to make a profit or at least cover their losses. Most will ignore anything worth under 200 mil and many won't bother with anything less than 500 mil. However that doesn't mean some won't go after targets worth less. It all comes down to if ganking you pays well enough to replace the ship(s) they need to kill you before Concord kills them. If the math doesn't work out in their favor they'll leave you alone.

What you're flying makes a difference too.

Your ship's fittings and salvage value make a difference, the more valuable stuff your ship is likely to drop the more attractive a target it makes. Your ship's tank also matters, the better tank you have the more ships and/or more valuable ships it takes to kill you.

The usual targets are big slow hauling ships gankers can take their time scanning and easily overtake if the cargo (or cargo + salvage) is valued over the threshold they consider worthwhile. I only use small, fast T1 frigates and Cov Ops frigates for my transport needs. I don't deal in anything bulky enough to require anything bigger to move it.

As far as I can tell most gankers don't seem to bother scanning frigates very much at all. They probably figure frigates don't carry anything valuable enough and aren't worth the time. Or maybe it's something else. Whatever, I know I hardly ever get scanned anyhow. I used to pilot manually whenever I had much more than about 200 million onboard but the last few months I'm pretty much always on auto unless I'm carrying cargo worth 500 million or more.

I've been playing EVE for nearly a year now. I have 10 trading characters all of which have at one time or another used autopilot extensively while working regional trade all over empire space. In that time exactly one character has been ganked just once while on autopilot in hi sec.

That's an acceptable risk to me, in fact it's better than acceptable, it's negligible.

Industrials and other big, slow hauling ships can be auto-piloted safely enough too though not as safely as frigates. Big haulers are primary targets for ganking, not only do they attract more attention and get scanned more often than frigates, but they're slower and take longer to align and jump too. Don't forget to tank that hauler, a poorly tanked hauler makes a terrific target for gankers flying cheaper, less powerful ships than usual.

Just how much less safe auto-piloting big haulers is I'm not really sure. When I first started playing I never had any trouble auto-piloting Badgers and Badger IIs all over empire space (not in hi sec anyhow) but I never carried much more than about 10 million in them and my Badgers were very heavily tanked too.

A little trick that speeds things up slightly is to make the first jump manually and turn on autopilot as soon as your ship enters warp. It'll warp directly to the first gate and jump immediately saving you the approach time.

Where autopilot really comes in handy is when running 2 or more clients at once. I often pickup filled buy orders on 2 or 3 characters at the same time and I'm usually either afk or semi-afk while doing pickups (I'm semi-afk while writing this right now). I like to tab back and forth between characters occasionally and hit the MWD to speed up gate/station approaches. If I notice suspicious ships around a character, I'll turn auto off, do a jump or two manually, then go back on auto.

Saturday 2 February 2013

Trading Systems Skill Books

Ok, here's one of those specific detailed examples everyone says traders don't talk about.

Systems Skill Books are a market segment that's been surprisingly good for me in spite of constant competition from an obsessive (probably botting) camper and low profit margins per book. I'm not worried about supplying this information because I'm certain if doing so winds up creating so much competition it permanently ruins the market I can always find something else to replace it.

These skills are required to fit subsystems on T3 cruisers. There are 5 systems books for each race (one for each subsystem) and 4 races for a total of 20 different systems books. Schools sell the books for 4.5 million each which places a soft cap on just how much traders can sell them for. Many buyers will pay a little more (even a fair bit more) for the convenience of buying at a trade hub and not having to travel to a school system but most won't pay too much more.

There seems to be one major camper with alts covering systems books with large stacks for sale in all the major hubs and several smaller hubs too. Prices, cut amounts and timing vary from time to time but they match up so well across all the hubs it's highly unlikely different players operating in different places are responsible. He'll usually cut by just 0.01 ISK and do it quickly (with seconds or minutes) but sometimes makes large cuts and/or slows down the frequency of his cuts. When that happens it happens everywhere at the same time.

In my experience (and this holds true in 2 different games), for most markets (there are of course exceptions) campers start dropping out when profits are under 20%. Most campers will disappear once profits are under 10% and under 5% only a few will be left. The less volume there is in a particular market the faster campers drop out and the fewer will stick around to the end.

The subsystem book camper's preferred selling price is 6 million but he'll undercut anything under about 4.6 million. He really doesn't like going that low though and usually slows down before the price gets there. Sometimes he'll even go under 4.55 million but that's always followed up with a buyout of anyone who cuts even lower yet and jacking sell prices back up around 6 million.

He likes to buy lowball but he'll generally overcut any buy order under 4 million quickly. He'll go as high as or even a little over 4.3 mil sometimes but slows down over 4 mil and usually stops somewhere between 4.2 and 4.3 mil.

The camper cuts quickly when buy prices are low and/or sell prices are high. When prices get around 4 mil buy and 4.7 mil sell the frequency of his cuts slows down greatly. He will go higher and lower than those prices just not nearly as quickly or as often as usual.

I usually buy for around 4 - 4.3 million and sell for 4.5 - 4.8 million because those are the price ranges where the camper backs off enough I get good volume. My average profit per book is around 500k (10%+) profit though profit per book can be as low as 200k (4.5%) profit. Sometimes much higher, if I can sell for 6 mil each that's over 1.5 million (25%) profit each. The same if I can buy for 3 mil or so and sell near the school price of 4.5 mil.

I started working these books by placing buy orders for 2-4 of each on Jita only. Buy prices were very low, mostly well under 1 million each. A little later it was 4-6 of each on all 5 major hubs with buy prices mostly over 3 million. Then it was 10 of each on all 5 hubs and Lonetrek region with buy prices around 4 mil. Now I buy 20 of each on all 5 hubs plus Lonetrek with buy prices mostly over 4 mil. Prices seem to be pretty stable now, they don't spike all that often  anymore and when they do spike it doesn't last long.

Most days my purchase orders bring in 10-20 of each book between all the hubs. I don't have much trouble selling them all within a few days either so I never wind up with too much stock of any one book.

10+ daily volume per book

Those numbers might not look very good at first glance but once you do the math it really isn't bad. Between all my traders I buy and sell over 200 systems books a day. 200 a day at 500k profit each is 100 million a day or 3 billion a month. That's more than enough to cover my monthly subscription costs for 5 accounts and that's a conservative estimate, it's usually higher and can go much higher. With more frequent price updates sales volume, market share and total profits all go up.

The real trick in this market (and most markets for that matter) is setting prices so I get good volume and reasonable profits in spite of campers trying to control the market. If there's too much of a spread between buy and sell prices the camper is all over it and I won't be getting much business unless I camp too. I don't like camping so I squeeze him from both ends (higher buy prices and lower sell prices than he really likes working with) until he backs off, then I make a decent profit.

Friday 1 February 2013

Progress Report - February 2013

Report on the status and progress of all my characters as of 01 Feb 2013. Mostly Trade oriented since making ISK is my main focus and trading is how I make ISK.

I buy and sell skill-books (roughly half my items are skill-books), faction/deadspace mods and implants (mostly 5% skill implants). I cover all 5 main trade hubs (Jita, Amarr, Dodixie,  Hek and Rens) plus a few regions that don't have a major trade hub. I play fairly casually and update orders infrequently. Some characters get updated more often than others and I update sell orders more consistently than buy orders.

Last month I really slowed down on my order posting/updating frequency. I've only been spending an hour or so updating orders on 1 or 2 characters every couple days and usually don't even update all the orders on the characters I do log onto. I still made over 13 billion in January after expenses... Not bad for 5-6 hours a week.

Current net worth is 93 billion with around 3/4 of it in cash and market escrow. Most of the rest is in sell orders and recently acquired stock I haven't gotten around to posting for sale yet. Very little is in assets I don't intend to sell soon, a few ships and some mods I stock for my own use, maybe 2 billion in total.

That's my actual current total net worth, I don't pad the numbers by counting ISK I've earned but have since spent and no longer have. That'd be like calling myself a real life millionaire because I've earned over a million dollars during my life when the reality is I've never had anywhere near a million in total.

Account 1

My first account. This is the account my main started on. I've since transferred the main to his own account so he never has to share the training queue again and these two can train harder.

Couster Regional Trader, 125 buy orders, Wholesale IV, Accounting IV, Broker Relations IV, Margin Trading V. Buys a bunch of different things, transports to Dodixie and contracts to the main trader there for resale. Currently training Wholesale V.

Ninja Trader. 125 buy orders, Wholesale IV, Accounting IV, Broker Relations IV, Margin Trading V and all remote order skills at IV. Currently inactive, sitting in Jita and not doing any trading.

I sent my main to the ninja trader's planned area of operation to check out business there ahead of time and discovered it's terrible. Exactly ZERO items purchased and ZERO ISK made after more than a week! Go figure, I thought lowball buy orders would do well on EC-P8R since lowball orders in Lonetrek region get filled in systems *behind easypator all the time. Considering how bad business has been in Pure Blind I'm re-evaluating what to do with the ninja trader long term.

Account 2

Amarr Station Trader. 305 orders (maxed), Tycoon V, Accounting V, Broker Relations V, Margin Trading V and all remote order skills at IV. Does nothing but station trade. Finished training trade skills for now.

Dodixie Station Trader 269 orders, Tycoon IV, Accounting V, Broker Relations V, Margin Trading V, does nothing but station trade.  Currently training Tycoon V.

Rens Station Trader 273 orders, Tycoon IV, Accounting V, Broker Relations V, Margin Trading V, does nothing but station trade. Finished training trade skills for now.

Account 3

Lonetrek Regional Trader. 273 orders, Tycoon IV, Accounting IV, Broker Relations V, Margin Trading V and all remote order skills at IV. Mainly a buyer, does sell a few things but mostly just buys, flies to Jita and contracts goods to my two traders there for resale. Currently training Accounting V.

Hek Station Trader 269 orders, Tycoon IV, Accounting V, Broker Relations V, Margin Trading V, does nothing but station trade. Finished training trade skills for now.

Jita Station Trader 269 orders, Tycoon IV, Accounting V, Broker Relations V, Margin Trading V, does nothing but station trade implants and mods. Finished training trade skills for now.

Account 4

Jita Station Trader, 269 orders, Tycoon IV, Accounting V, Broker Relations V, Margin Trading V and all remote order skills at IV. Does nothing but station trade skillbooks. This was the last trader I made but the first one finished training trade skills. Finished training trade skills for now.

Exploration / Scout / Scanning pilot, newest character, flies Covert Ops (Buzzards) and is training Int/Mem support/scanning/exploration skills. Already has Covert Ops IV and all Astrometric skills at IV. I don't plan on doing any serious trading on this character. He has 21 order slots, more than enough to buy things he needs and that's about it. Currently training a whole lot of int/mem skills to IV or V.

Account 5

My Main, all by himself on his own account now. 125 orders, Wholesale IV, Accounting IV, Broker Relations IV, Margin Trading IV and all of the "remote order" trade skills at IV. Just finished training Battlecruisers V and got T2 Heavy Missiles right before that. He's no longer involved in the Jita trade but does a little ninja trading in null. Flies Stealth Bombers (Manticores) most of the time, sometimes Drakes and very rarely anything else. Currently training racial cruisers to III with Shield Management V next in line.

Future plans

Overall I've been considering switching back to a predominantly Regional Trade strategy. In preparation for that possibility I've been slowly getting remote order skills to IV on my traders for a while now. About half are done now and the rest should be finished in another week or two. Then I'll be able to make the switch anytime I want.

Get the Couster trader Wholesale V, Tycoon IV, Broker Relations V, Accounting V. Then back to the ninja trader for the same skills. Then remap Int/Mem and work on flying support skills (mainly Navigation, Engineering and Electronics skills) for both characters. Will probably train both characters into Covert Ops at some point. Might eventually train one into Blockade Runners too. I'm considering reassigning the ninja trader as a Jita price capper to stabilize extremely spiky prices on certain high volume, absurdly heavily camped items and hopefully chase some of the no-lifers and bots off those items. Another option is to start working the regional trade around Ichoriya, Clellinon, Tash-Murkon Prime or some other secondary hub in a region I'm not currently working.

On the main I'll be doing bombing runs when I can as well as some exploration, ninja trading and a little mission running. I just finished training Battlecruisers V. I'll have all racial frigate skills to IV and all racial cruiser skills to III in another 2 days. Next up are a few key support skills, Energy Management V and Shield Management V in particular. After that I'll go back to working on getting missile skills to V. Even though I technically can fly battleships right now I want both Energy Management V and Shield Management V before I will fly them. I might wait till I can fit T2 Cruise Launchers too. Besides I really don't care for flying big slow ships so battleships are low priority for me. Eventually I'll get Caldari Battleships IV and Gallente Battleships IV (for Rattlesnakes), Caldari Cruisers V and Strategic Cruisers (for Tengus) and maybe Black Ops too.

Get Tycoon V and Trade V on the Dodixie trader. Then either start training Tycoon V and Trade V on Rens too or remap Amarr to train something besides Trade. I'll train remote order skills to IV on Rens and Hek too (Amarr already has them trained). Eventually (in a month or two at the soonest) I'll transfer one of the "finished" characters from account 2 to account 1 or 5 and start training up a brand new character on account 2.

Continue training Int/Mem support skills on the exploration/scout/scanning character. Long term this character will continue following the Covert Ops line into Recon cruisers and eventually Black Ops battleships.

Finish training Accounting V on the Lonetrek buyer (about 2.5 days left now). After that train Tycoon V and Trade V on the Hek trader, then probably remap Lonetrek to Int/Mem and start training for Covert Ops. Yes Cov Ops is Per/Wil, but the prereqs and support skills he'll need to fly Cov Ops well are Int/Mem. Weapon skills don't matter, he's a trader not a fighter.