Monday 2 March 2015

Unreal Editor for UT4 now available for free

Great news from Epic for FPS players and especially mappers!

The new build of Unreal Tournament 4 released today includes a downloadable map editor for the game. The mapping scene for UT4 is going to explode now.

It sounds like they've done a lot of work on optimizing weapon effects this build. Hopefully that'll fix my problems with extremely high CPU usage and make the game fun to play with more than 3 or 4 players again.

There are also at least two fully meshed maps available now. It'll be interesting to see what performance is like with plenty of eyecandy in the maps instead of just being basic BSP shells.

And of course I'm really looking forward to playing with the map editor though that's going on the back burner until I play the game for a few hours (at least).

 Finally here's a quick copy/paste of the major changes from the patch notes.

TLDR: Major Changes This Build:
  • New DM-Outpost23 fully meshed visual bar level.
  • New Malcolm and Necris characters are playable.
  • Re-skinned and updated Launcher.
  • New Unreal Tournament Marketplace with cosmetic items by community contributors.
  • DM-Lea by CaptainMigraine is available for free from the markeplace.
  • Unreal Editor customized for UT is now available for free from Launcher.
  • New set of web tutorials to teach you how to create content and mods for UT. Check them out at .
  • Polished and optimized weapon effects.
  • Revamped menus with new graphics and layout.
  • Hubs are now fully functional.
  • First pass on performance optimization, barely touched the surface.
  • Polished and optimized weapon effects.
  • Revamped menus with new graphics and layout.
  • Hubs are now fully functional.
  • First pass on performance optimization, barely touched the surface.