Unreal Tournament 4 Maps

These are the latest versions of the Unreal Tournament 4 maps I'm working on. DM-Eliminator is an original map, DM-Landscape is based upon the UE4 Landscape Mountains demo, the others are remakes of popular UT99 and (a few) UT2004 maps.

All my maps are on the Unreal Carnage redirect now. I also upload new versions of maps to the UT4Pugs redirect whenever I repack them all for a new game update.

Unreal Carnage Redirect
UT4Pugs Redirect

I've stopped using version numbers in my maps other than the occasional test or bugfixed version with changes made during the same game update. There are several good reasons for this, most simply put, it helps prevent problems with old paks for players since they'll get overwritten by the new pak anyhow and makes it much easier for server admins to maintain map rotation lists in rules files.

If you're looking to chat with me about any of my maps (feedback, suggestions or w/e) I can usually be found on Discord.

UC Discord
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And the maps....

DM-Eliminator - updated Oct 2017


A medium sized original map that plays well in FFA and Duel. Feedback for other gametypes would be appreciated. Previous versions (1-17) were named DM-Octagon. This is one of the most heavily meshed, optimized and polished of all my maps.

DM-Nitro -  updated Mar 2018


Remake based upon Eric "Ebolt" Boltjes'  original DM-Nitro for UT99 and made with his permission.

Nitro was a fairly large, popular custom map for UT99, one of the very few custom maps (in fact the only TDM map I'm aware of) that made it onto competitive tournament map lists. Plays well in TDM, FFA DM and Elimination. Though it was never really considered a duel map I always liked dueling on it too.

Nitro is my own personal favourite map to play in UT4.

DM-Bishop - updated Mar 2018


Remake based upon Eric "Ebolt" Boltjes' original DM-Bishop for UT99 and made with his permission. Scaled up 2.5 times larger than the UT99 version, all meshes with no BSP brushes at all and well optimized.

A fairly large map that plays great in UT4. Suitable for FFA, TDM and probably Elimination too but a bit large for duels.

DM-Codex - updated Mar 2018

Remake based upon Cliff (CliffyB) Blezinski's original map Codex of Wisdom from UT99. A smaller, fast paced map with lots of vertical action.

DM-Curse - updated Mar 2018

No screenshots


Remake based upon Cliff (CliffyB) Blezinski's original map Curse2 from UT99. A smaller map that was quite popular in UT99 for TDM and FFA DM.

DM-Malevolence - updated Oct 2017

Remake based upon Rich "Akuma" Eastwood's original DM-Malevolence for UT99. This version is more faithful to the original than other remakes. It has the same proportions, room shapes, item placement and no extra items (other than 5 vials replacing the obsolete ripper in the water passage).

Malevolence is a fairly small map, great for fast paced Duels and FFA.

DM-Tempest - updated Oct 2017

no screenshots


Port / partial remake of the original DM-Tempest from UT99. A larger map with multiple atriums,  good flow and vertical play. Plays very well in TDM, FFA and was even played in duels occasionally in UT99.

DM-Zeto - Not repacked for the latest game update

Remake of DM-Zeto from the original Unreal Tournament (aka UT99). A large map, RCR style with plenty of weapons and powerups. Difficult for any one player to dominate the whole map, making it a terrific map for new players and more experienced players to play together.

DM-Landscape - Updated Dec 2017


A map based upon the UE4 Landscape Mountains Demo. This is a really, really big map (it dwarfs everything else) that plays best with 20+ players. Lots of sniper rifle pickups so you aren't a sitting duck without snipe in normal weapons DM but it's probably best played in sniper arena or zoom instagib.

This map used to take 5-10 seconds to load but Epic changed something a year or two ago that causes large terrain maps to take much longer to load. In the last few builds it's been taking 60-70 seconds to load on my system. Many players with slower CPUs (I have an i7 6700K) time out online before it loads. I won't update this map again until Epic improves load times for large terrain maps.

DM-Phobos - updated Oct 2017


This map is based upon the original DM-Phobos for Unreal Tournament. The UT99 version that is, not the 2kx version, which is very different from the original.

It's scaled up 2.5 times larger, with UT4 materials and a CTF-Face style "skybox" (the only space sky assets in game right now).

There are (so far) no custom assets and very few meshes so the download is quite small, under 10M.

The original map had no pulse rifle (aka link gun) but did have 2 ammo packs for it. The original map also had 2 rippers with 4 ammo packs for them. I've reversed that in this version. The 2 rippers and their ammo packs have been replaced with link guns and ammo for them while the 2 link ammo packs have been replaced with ripper ammo (there is no ripper weapon).

Besides that item placement is identical to the original.

DM-Pressure - updated 23 Nov 2017

Scaled up 2.5 times, replaced the old textures with placeholder new materials, added reflectionspheres, Objectives, Spectator Cameras and a few static meshes. Did a first pass on the lighting and replaced Ripper with Grenade Launcher.

DM-Antalus - updated Oct 2017

DM-DE-GrendelKeep - updated Oct 2017

DM-DE-Ironic - updated Mar 2018

DM-Roughinery - updated Oct 2017

DM-Conveyor - updated Jan 2018

DM-Grinder - updated Mar 2018

Additional Maps:

A few more maps. These aren't much more than straight ports of the original UT99 maps. They are scaled up appropriately for UT4, all but Turbine have the old textures replaced with UT materials along with a proper reflection environment (reflectionspheres) and a first pass on redoing the lighting. Turbine just uses simple wrapper materials containing the old textures, has a very simple reflection environment and very basic lighting.


DM-Mojo - Not repacked for the latest game update

I already have a lot of maps in the works and probably won't have the time to do much more with these last few other than the occasional rebuild/repak as necessary to work with new game builds. If someone wants to take over any of these 3 maps and do them properly I'd be happy to give them my umap files to use as a starting point.


  1. Welp, I guess I'm coming here for your maps now :).

  2. New version of DM-Gothic.

    The skylight was causing terrible looking lighting on many surfaces so I turned it off. The map looks much better now.

    Also a number of minor changes to collision, texture alignment and such.

  3. New version of DM-Eliminator (previously named DM-Octagon).

  4. Thank MoxNix for your great work!

    Mr. Van

  5. Thanks for all your work on these excellent maps. Love getting to play some of the old UT99 favs (especially Tempest and Turbine). I hope you can find the time and patience to revitalise more of these old classics. I was curious about your comment on the "obsolete ripper", since I have come across one based on the translocator model in UT4. In fact, I was sure this was already in your remake of Tempest. Would be great to see it used more (though really could do with a new model of its own).
    - Ishatix

  6. That comment about the Ripper was referring to the first UT4 remake I did (Malevolence) before Wail released his version of it for UT4. Since then I've left the Ripper out of Malevolence but put it in all my other remakes.

  7. New versions of Turbine and Mojo uploaded to Google Drive today. Turbines mostly just a recook for the new build. Mojo has the old low res textures replaced with new materials, reflections added and a quick first pass on redoing the lighting.

  8. OK, thanks for clarifying. Looking forward to trying the new versions.
    - Ishatix

  9. New version of Tempest uploaded today.

    1. Thanks MoxNixx, that's one of my all time favs ... and thanks from Phobos Moon! Yeah! hope to see this one develop also :)

  10. Hi MoxNix,
    Thanks for updating the maps and making them available !
    I can imagine what a pain it must be to recompile the maps with every update of UT4.
    Is there a way to 'simply' recompile on command line ?(complete noob here)

    1. No, rebuilding maps requires the editor and files the mapper made. Depending on the map and the hardware working on it, it can take hours for a single map.

      Then you need to do some testing to make sure the new game build didn't break your map and fix the map if it did.

  11. The Playunreal redirect is down, seemingly for good.

    The old MPF redirect is still up and working for uploading and downloading from a web browser but is NOT WORKING for actual redirects. :(

  12. All my maps can be found on the Unreal Carnage redirect now.


    This redirect has proven far more reliable than the ones I was using before.

  13. thanks for the maps and links. i was getting very bored with what UT4 had as of now.

  14. Any chance you can do one last repack of DM-Landscape? I've been dying to see how that one looks.

    1. I actually repacked it a little while ago.


    2. OMG, that map is amazing. TY for the repack!

  15. Added DM-Conveyor and DM-Grinder to the list.