Wednesday 3 July 2013

Blunder - Another Typo

Many of my most profitable buys come from other people's typos. Here's another example:

The implant is well over 250 million in sell orders and my buy order is for 88 million, yet someone sold me one for just 250 thousand.

Obviously the seller meant to post a sell order for 250 million and forgot the last 3 significant digits.

I posted it for 275 million. I don't expect it to sell for that but who knows, maybe I'll get lucky. More likely I'll have to cut the price quite a bit before it sells. But in any case, since I paid so little for it,  it's guaranteed to bring in a nice fat profit.

I still say CCP has this market mechanic completely bass ackwards. The buyer should have gotten 88 million (my buy order price) rather then me getting it for a ridiculously low price due to a silly (possibly lag induced) typo. Same for buy orders, if you accidently typo a buy order too high, it should be filled by lower priced sell orders at the sell order price.

Seriously, we're flying around in spaceships full of computer controlled toys doing all kinds of impossible things, yet our order entry system is so brain dead it can't even handle the simplest, most basic tasks properly?


  1. Having a similar error on posting an item before im happy the way it is. Makes yoy remember that even when you have a repetative trade your not just printing isk, you still need to be awake. Equally its nice to see someone pay way to much for somethig every now and again.

    1. Another thing to consider is who is hurt by mistakes like this?

      Honest players, players who do NOT cheat. Bots on the other hand never make these kinds of mistakes. In fact since market bots by their very nature have the highest buy order and the lowest sell order most of the time they reap most of the benefits of such mistakes too.

      It's stupid, annoying, unrealistic and worst of all it rewards cheaters while punishing honest players.

  2. Indeed, one would have thought you could set parameters to prod for a confirmation of a sell order was x% below the lowest sell order or a buy order was y% above the highest buy order.

    If someone really meant to sell to a buy order then they would not be typing in the sell amount.