Thursday 1 May 2014

Financial Report - April 2014

Financial report for the month of April 2014 (last month). Trade oriented since trading is how I make virtually all of my ISK.

I buy and sell faction/deadspace/officer mods, ships, skill-books and implants with traders covering all 5 main trade hubs (Jita, Amarr, Dodixie,  Hek and Rens) plus secondary hubs in most other empire regions. I have 24 active traders, 3 on Jita (one each for mods, implants and skillbooks), 2 in another region, another 19 each covering a different region and a couple spare traders that are not actively trading.

In April, I made a profit of 38 billion after expenses.

Current net worth is 544 billion with roughly half in cash and market escrow. Most of the rest is in sell orders and recently acquired assets I haven't gotten around to posting for sale yet. Very little is in assets I don't intend to sell soon, with maybe 4 billion worth of ships and fittings I keep for my own use.


  1. nice. Don't you get tired/burnt out? I went from daily log ins, to weekly log ins to monthly log ins :). I am rather jealous of your always growing wealth, but then again, everyone has different fun in EVE.

    1. There are times I don't log in for a week or more other than occasionally to update training queues. A lot of my orders these days are mostly passive, they just sit there until they get filled. I'll update them once every month or two but that's about it.

      There are a small handful of items I pay pretty close attention to and update just about every time I login but even then it's usually only on a few characters a day. Sometimes I will log onto every one of my traders and update those items only. These are fairly expensive items that move in good volume (considering the expense).

      There are another 20-30 items I keep an eye on. Often but not always they get updated at the same time as the handful above. These are mostly high volume items going for 10-20 million each that usually have decent profit margins.

      Then there's probably about 100 expensive items. These usually get updated much less often. They're mostly low to medium volume items going for 90 mil plus (some for over 1 bil). They don't always have big margins or big total profits though they can be very profitable at times. They also tend to be the riskiest items because they're expensive, low volume and there's always someone trying to manipulate prices, drive competition out and dominate the market.

      Then there's the rest. A mix of middling expensive items with relatively low volume and high volume items with too much competition and low profit margins. These orders are mostly passive and can sit for weeks or even months without updating.

  2. Good going on your Market Activities and managing your assets for increase of investments.