Friday 16 October 2015

PLEX Report October 2015

Well after another month long hiatus, I've been back again for a little more than a week. I logged in 4 or 5 times, spending half an hour to an hour each time updating and placing PLEX orders.

The no-lifers and bots seem to be pushing really hard to raise PLEX prices again, which is great for my business. Rising prices means I can easily make big profits with almost no effort. :)

Like this:

Note those transactions are over a ~3 day period where I *didn't* log in at all.

Easy money...

I also posted some more sell orders on old stock (stuff bought months ago when I was working hundreds of different items) in a couple places. Even though it's months later and it takes time to sell it off, the profits I'm making on most of that old stock are quite high. In some cases amazingly high (well over 100% profit).

Here's a small sample of that business:

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