Tuesday 14 May 2013

One Day

To give an idea of the kind of sales volume a single trader can do without camping this is one days' worth of buying and selling on just one character. My Jita skill-book trader.

That's one out 12 active traders, with 6 more training up now and another 2 planned. And the 13th was a Monday, not a weekend.

I haven't done a full update of orders in over a week either. About all I've done on that character so far this month is post whatever was sitting in my inventory (meaning it was bought recently) and if necessary update/re-post buy orders for those items only (maybe 50 items at a time).

Edit: This character handles nothing but skill books and uses station buy orders only.


  1. Is this with regional buy orders or station range only?

    1. That particular character only station trades.