Thursday 30 May 2013

New Market Blog - MarketsforISK

Another WoW auction blogger has seen the light. Croda has recently started a new Eve market blog. His old WoW blog has been around for quite a while and he produced good material there.

I'm looking forward to reading his new blog for Eve Online.


Croda's already made his first billion in Eve (in 16 days). Though he hasn't been around Eve long yet it looks like he'll be sticking around. He already has a number of good market related posts up including a nice series on how he made his first billion.


  1. yes, thanks MoxNix - I plan to first do trading to gather some wealth and finance 2 or 3 accounts and then move into another part of the economy whilst the 2 or 3 trading characters keep the ISK rolling in.

    Not decided which will be the next part - very much like the idea of manufacturing. PI also looks fun but click intensive.

  2. Your plans sound very similar to mine when I first started playing Eve. I too thought I'd get into manufacturing and PI.

    I very quickly discovered manufacturing took a lot of time, effort, materials and ISK so I dropped that idea within the first week or so.

    I did some PI but it didn't take long to realize PI wasn't nearly as "passive" or as profitable as I thought.

    In the end I dropped my plans for both manufacturing and PI and just stuck to playing the market.

    I might still get into a little manufacturing at some time in the future but if I do I'll take my time about it.