Tuesday 4 June 2013

Market Quickbar Issues in Odyssey - how to fix it

I was having some problems with my quickbars after installing Odyssey. All my accounts use identical quickbars. On most of my accounts the quickar was only showing about half the folders it should have been showing.

When I opened my "Faction Modules" folder, the quickbar was being truncated like this:

Truncated Quckbar

The truncation was always after the sub folder "Sisters of Eve" so I figured it might have something to do with the Sisters Deep Space Probe being in that folder but no longer existing in game (Odyssey removed Deep Space Probes from the game).

Also clicking on the Sisters of Eve folder would cause the quickbar window busy indicater to come up and stay up forever (it wouldn't open, just go busy and stay busy).

The fix was easy. I deleted the folder containing the no longer existing probe and all my other folders immediately reappeared. The quickbar data was there all along, it just wasn't being displayed properly.

Next I created a new Sisters of Eve folder, then added the Sisters launchers and probes that still do exist (2 of each) to the folder.

Yea, it's all good again!

That's the only item I had in my quickbar that no longer exists in game. There may be other items that no longer exist causing similar issues too. It shouldn't be difficult figuring out what they are if you need to.

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