Sunday 6 March 2016

Unreal Tournament 4 and the Village Idiot

There are a lot of bickering idiots pushing hidden agendas on the UT4 forums. Posting ridiculous bullshit and in some cases even outright lies in an attempt to convince Epic to change the game to favour their preferred playstyle to the detriment of everyone else.

But UT4 has it's "special" problem child, constantly posting ridiculously contrived scenarios, laughable "proofs" and other nonsense while crying for weapon nerfs just about everytime someone kills him.

The village idiot likes posting what he calls statistics, taking small carefully selected samples and manipulating the numbers to make it seem like:

1. The Flak Cannon is the best weapon in the game, extremely overpowered and in dire need of nerfs.
2. The best, most versatile and one of the most used weapons in the game (Shock Rifle) is severely underpowered and in dire need of buffs.

For example his latest idiot "Statistics" post:

This raging lunatic puts Flak as the number 2 killing weapon on his list after adding up the deaths from both Flak firing modes. But for Shock he splits it up into primary fire and combos as if they were completely different weapons and just leaves Shock secondary firing mode out altogether to make Shock look much less powerful than it actually is.

234 deaths from Shock combos + another 180 from Shock primary fire = 414 already slightly more than from Flak and that's not counting deaths from Shock secondary fire which would bump it up even further ahead of Flak.

Busted again!

And of course like always he makes absolutely no mention of rockets which are pretty much always the number 1 killer. It's difficult to find a scenario where rockets aren't number 1 even when trying to manufacture one. You can look at virtually any player's stats and clearly see everyone both gets the most kills with rockets and dies the most to rockets.

The village idiot's solution to overpowered rockets?

Nerf flak! Then once Flak has been turned into a Marshmallow Cannon, nerf Enforcer, Link and Mini... Probably Bio too for good measure.

Basically he wants to nerf everything except Shock, Snipe and Rockets... Can you guess which weapons are his favourites?

Note to Epic:

Stop reacting to idiots, just remove the collision radius from projectiles (mainly rockets and flak) and see how that changes things.

Then take a long, hard look at the netcode (ping compensation in particular) and fix it so more players can actually see incoming fire, where the other guy is, what he's doing and react skillfully rather than just randomly hopping about and praying the ping comp gods favour them.

A server side option to turn ping compensation completely off would be a great start. Then we could find out how much of the so-called weapons balance problems are actually ping compensation problems. Beyond that an option to set how much ping is compensated for (from 0 to say 120) would be nice too.

Oh, and don't you think it's way past time to set default player count numbers to reasonable values so everything besides duels aren't just giant spamfests?

8 players for DM/TDM
10 players for CTF

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