Thursday 7 April 2016

DM-Eliminator for Unreal Tournament 4

DM-Eliminator V18 - 07 Apr 2016

A medium sized original map that plays well in FFA and Duel (assuming powerups off in Duel). Untested in TDM and Showdown (feedback would be greatly appreciated). Previous versions (1-17) were named DM-Octagon.

Many of the meshes and materials in this map are from the UE4 Infiltrator Demo.

Version changes:

- Removed Redeemer
- Removed Invisibility
- Added 3x UTGenericObjectivePoints for Showdown
- Added 1x sniper ammo and 1x rocket launcher ammo

- Many (mostly minor) tweaks to geometry and blocking volumes (collision).
- A great many cosmetic changes, more meshes, materials changes, lighting tweaks, etc.
- Lots of finicky little details, polishing, fit and finish...

Server Configuration Info (goes in Game.ini):



Additional Notes:

A full list containing links to the most recently released versions of all maps I'm working on can be found here:

Feedback is welcome!

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