Wednesday 20 April 2016

DM-Codex for Unreal Tournament 4

DM-Codex-A6 - Released 20 Apr 2016

Remake based upon Cliff (CliffyB) Blezinski's original map from UT99. Codex is a smaller, fast paced map with lots of vertical action.

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  • Changed, replaced and/or rescaled many materials.
  • Added physical materials properties to blocking volumes so when you walk on a wooden surface it sounds like you're walking on wood.
  • Completely reworked the lighting (again).
  • Added a few new light sources and removed several unsourced fill lights.
  • Added several windows to bring in more ambient light.
  • Made the outdoor lighting a fair bit darker, changed sun and skylight colour to suit the sunset on an overcast day look of the sky.
  • Added atmospheric details like water, rocky cliffs and castle/fortress type walls to the outdoor (not playable) part of the map.
  • Raised ceilings and/or roof beams in several places to better facilitate movement.
  • Redid the dripping water sounds in the lowest parts of the map.
  • Added more trim and decorative bits.
  • Added several new meshes.
  • Replaced some old placeholder meshes with meshes that fit the theme better, removed a few meshes entirely and added many more mesh instances.
  • Added 3x UTGenericObjectivePoint for Showdown.

The assets (meshes, materials, emitters, etc.) in this map are mostly a mix of stock assets that come with the UT4 Editor and assets from the UE4 Infinity Blade Firelands pack (free on the UE4 marketplace), along with a few assets from other UE4 demos and a few self made assets.

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