Wednesday 6 February 2013

Off Topic - UFC 156

I'm a big MMA fan. I've been watching the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) since UFC 1 when it was an unsanctioned tournament with the likes of Royce Gracie and Dan Severn.

UFC 156 was one of the better cards in a while. There were some good matchups on the card, Maia vs Fitch for example (Fitch got out-Fitched), but what really made the card great for me was watching 3 guys I can't stand lose to 3 guys I like.

1. Antonio (Bigfoot) Silva KOed Alistair (Overroid) Overreem.

This one could not have turned out better. It was great watching the overrated, overconfident, cheating substance abuser Overroid get his block knocked off. Especially after all of Overroid's trash talk before the fight.

I figured Overroid would win this one but I thought Bigfoot had a lot better chance than most were giving him and he pulled it off. Bigfoot's not the most skilled heavyweight and he's a nice guy (probably a little too nice) but he's still big, tough and has a heart to match. Nice guys do finish first sometimes, especially when the bad guy disrespects them. It was a huge mistake on Roid's part running his mouth like that, Bigfoot got mad and really wanted to hurt his opponent for a change.

I really liked how Silva's corner called it between the 2nd and 3rd rounds. They told Bigfoot, he's tired now, open up with your hands and knock him out. He went out and did exactly that.

2. Little Nog decisioned Rashad Evans.

I never expected Little Nog to win this one. It was a surprise and a big upset but it sure was nice to see. Rashad is one of the phoniest, most conceited shitheads in all of MMA. I just can't stand the guy. Little Nog made Evans eat the jab all night long, stopped the takedowns and cruised to an easy win. Good job!

0 for 2 for the "Blackzillians" on the night. Gotta love it!

3. Jose Aldo decisioned Frankie Edgar.

Awesome! I expected Aldo to win this one but I was worried we might see incompetent judges reward Frankie with yet another undeserved win for his dance routine. AFAIC Edgar's never been a true champion, he doesn't win many fights outright, he runs away and outpoints the other guy in the dance competition. Too bad for Frankie running away doesn't work so well when the other guy is as fast as you are.

Frankie's face was a mess by the end of the fight and he took a few nasty leg kicks too but Jose while maybe a little tired was unhurt. A clear win.

Jose's a class act, besides being one of the very best regardless of size he respects his opponents and always shows up to fight, not dance.

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