Tuesday 26 February 2013

Wizardry Online

A while back I heard about a new game Wizardry Online, supposedly a hardcore dungeons and dragons style MMO. I downloaded it last week and rolled a couple characters but haven't really played it other than for an hour or two.

Wizardry is free to play though it has pay options too. The game has 5 races, 4 classes, 3 alignments, soul levels (account wide) and character levels. There's a class change with the option to carry over a few skills (your choice which) from your former class (multi-class).

Permanent death (aka perma-death) - Sounds scary but it's not nearly as bad as it sounds. Really you almost have to want it for it to happen. Even then it's not as bad as it sounds, you have to start a new character but assuming your soul level went up too, the new character will level much faster.

Bonus points - When you roll a new character you get a stat bonus points roll. The maximum bonus point roll is 70. Up to 10 bonus points can be put into each stat and there are 7 stats. Most rolls fall between 6 and 12 with a very small chance of anything higher. I rolled a 58 (took about 12 hours) and a 38 (another 3-4 hours). Bonus points make a big difference at low levels but as you level up stats even out. By the time you hit level 40 you'll have about the same stats as a character that started with a normal bonus roll of 12 or less. Each class has a primary and secondary stat, any bonus role of 20 or more will allow you to max both of them.

Most players seem to use an AutoHotKey script to get good bonus rolls. It doesn't seem to be considered cheating either, neither by the players nor by the developer so I used it too.

Here's the AHK auto-roller script

Loop {
;MouseClick, left,  281, 615, 5 ;(Race Selection) - >Human (M)
;MouseClick, left,  286, 655, 5 ;(Race Selection) - >Human (F)
MouseClick, left,  437, 617, 5 ;(Race Selection) - >Elf (M)
;MouseClick, left,  438, 654, 5 ;(Race Selection) - >Elf (F)
;MouseClick, left,  584, 617, 5 ;(Race Selection) - >Dwarf (M)
;MouseClick, left,  587, 657, 5 ;(Race Selection) - >Gnome (F)
;MouseClick, left,  737, 622, 5 ;(Race Selection) - >Porkul (M)
;MouseClick, left,  738, 657, 5 ;(Race Selection) - >Porkul (F)
Sleep, 200
MouseClick, left,  447, 723, 5
Sleep, 2550
PixelSearch, colorX, colorY, 490, 378, 502, 391, 0xFFFFFF
if !ErrorLevel
MouseClick, left,  513, 416, 5
Sleep, 200
MouseClick, left,  575, 726, 5
Sleep, 200


Copy the above, paste it into an editor and save as *.ahk where * is whatever you want to name the script, Wizardry-Autoroller.ahk for example.

To configure the script there are 8 Race Selection lines, 7 commented out (with ; at the start of the line) and 1 active. Make sure there's a ; at the start of 7 of those lines. All of them except the one you want to roll.

Install AutoHotKey and start the script. Then start the game in 1024x768 resolution, go to the character  creation screen and hit CTRL-D to start rolling. The script will stop on any roll of 20 or higher. Hit CTRL-S to pause the script at any time and hit CTRL-S again to resume rolling. It could take hours before you get a good roll, it took me approximately 12 hours to get a 58, then another 3 or 4 hours to get a 38.

I suspect the script doesn't detect rolls of 60-70  but anything much over 20 is pretty good anyhow so it really doesn't matter.

Note RESOLUTION IS IMPORTANT, you must be in 1024x768 resolution or the script will not work properly. Other versions of the script for different resolutions can be found in this thread.

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