Sunday 17 February 2013

Character Transfer - 6 accounts now

Last night (actually very early this morning) I spent 1.5 billion setting up another new account (number 6) and transferring one of my traders to it.

My Lonetrek and Hek traders are important to my business but they were on the same account and both have fairly long skill plans. They were on my 3rd account and lagging a couple months behind the traders of Amarr, Dodixie and Rens on account 2. Training them both up to where I want them (Trade skills + Cov Ops) while sharing a training queue would have taken several months and I didn't want to wait that long.

I decided to get the Lonetrek and Hek traders training faster. Since they were on the same account the best way to do that was to move one of them to a new account so they don't have to share the training queue anymore. With a buddy invite to myself I got a 21 day free trial and made a new toon on the account. I transferred 550 million to the new account, bought a plex for 520 million and activated the account with it. Then I hopped on the Hek trader bought 2 more plex, transferred them into the redeeming system and used the plex to transfer the character to the new account.

The account that sent the trial invite also received 30 days free game time (plex is not a reward option when the trial account is activated with a plex).

I'm still waiting for the transfer to go through but it should be done sometime today.

On another note, here's a link to an excellent Trade Theory post I found while browsing through my blog's traffic sources and wondering why I was getting all these referrals from Reddit. The post is very well worth reading. The author implies he'd only been trading for a month when he wrote it. If that's the case, he's picked things up very quickly including a lot of subtleties many traders don't get even after years.

It's kind of funny but Reddit is now my number 2 traffic source (right behind Greedy Goblin and just ahead of Google). The Reddit referrals come from links in just 2 posts there.


  1. You got me beat bro big time now with 6 Accounts. That's 4 more accounts than what I currently got.

    You gonna be like Gevlon soon, i think the got like 10-12 or something like that. Thats a hell of a juggling act with all those accounts to maintain and keep track of.

    Just managing to get by with my little 2 accounts.

    Keep up the good works Space Tycoon!

  2. Actually I believe I have more traders than Gevlon. Half his accounts are long term training accounts for titan pilots he plans on selling once they're fully trained. That leaves 6 accounts he actually plays. ;)

  3. Now the drive for isk/time truly begins!