Saturday, 28 December 2013

Bitter Lonely Old Men

This started out as a comment on another blog that I decided to flesh out a bit more and make a blog post out of.

A while back I was doing regional pickups on one of my trade alts and had a fair bit of stuff to pickup in Aurohunen. [BLOM] had a camp on the gate and a bigger camp on the dock at the station my stuff was on. Crashing the gate and docking at the station wasn't a problem but I knew better than to try leaving with a camp waiting for me to undock.

So I waited...

They kept calling me a coward and asking why I wouldn't undock. I'm like "I'm a trade alt flying an unarmed blockade runner, what do you think?".

So I asked them what it was like being Bitter Lonely Old Men and having nothing better to do than gang camping a backwater station for hours on end waiting for targets that can't shoot back to undock.

3 guys in particular took exception to that and went off on me.

No big deal to me, I just tabbed between accounts, doing stuff on other accounts and checking the one they were camping occasionally. It was amusing tabbing in every now and then, reading the 3 guys' rants and saying something to wind them up more. I even told them that's what I was doing.

I didn't bother mentioning that I was in the middle of doing regional pickups, had about a billion in cargo that I really wanted to fly out of there soon and more to pickup elsewhere. Instead I implied that Aurohunen was my trading station, I'd just flown a load of trade goods in and wouldn't need to undock again for days.

Then they decided since I was running multiple traders at once, I must be a bot so they were going to report me for botting. I laughed, told them to go right ahead since I was confident I make enough ISK that CCP has probably investigated me before and already knows I don't bot. I also reminded them that making false reports like that could backfire and get them a nice little vacation from Eve.

We went back and forth like this for a while with me getting a good laugh out of it and them getting madder and madder.

Eventually the Bitter Lonely Old Men gave up, the 3 loudmouths logged off and I flew off safely with a o/ for the rest of them on the way out.

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