Wednesday 9 April 2014

Carriers and Capitals

Just another quick example of 1 days worth of buying on one character from more or less passive buys orders (orders I update very infrequently and mostly just let sit there until they get filled) on one of the main trade hubs.

The carrier and capital ship book purchases are particularly nice with anywhere from 40 million to 125 million ISK profit per book if I were to resell them at school prices. Of course that's not including taxes and fees which come out to approximately 10 million per book but then again I'll be reselling each book for at least 10 million and maybe as much as 50 million over the school price.

I should wind up with at least 400 million profit on just the carrier and capital books.

Though the buy orders had 10 jump range all of the carrier and capital books were sold to me directly on the hub so I didn't even have to transport them to the hub. In fact they were all sold to me by the same player and completely filled my buy orders for all 3 books. Maybe I should start buying 5 or 10 at a time instead of 2 or 4.


  1. Do Skill Books drop or can they only be purchased from an NPC? I guess I am asking if the sellers are making a loss on the sale?

    1. Some of them are drops or LP purchases but most of them come from NPCs at school stations.

      Someone selling under NPC price is probably either a frustrated speculator (they aren't selling fast enough for him) taking a loss or someone got ganked and his killer is selling the loot for quick cash. In the case of expensive books like these, especially in multiples I'd guess it was a gank.

  2. Hey,

    Im almost 100% sure that this was the cause of your orders filling:
    Got if from Gevlon's blog :P

    Im pretty sure these books dont drop... (if im correct) how often do these buy orders actually get filled? These sort of kills dont happen very often, and even if they do, the person needs to be really in a rush to sell these to buy orders instead of waiting a couple of dasy? (correct me if im wrong, dont really know how liquid capital books are)


    1. Nevermind you answered my question before I posted the comment :)
      Still the gank is legit

    2. Nice find on the killmail.

      Yeah those carrier and capital books come from NPC sell orders at schools. My buy orders get filled infrequently but probably more often than most might think. IMO it isn't worth bothering selling them anywhere except on the main hubs. Even on some of the main hubs it can take quite a while to sell them (a month or more) unless you're only selling for a little (5-10 mil) over the school price.

      Mind you they probably sell fairly well on the right stations in null where there aren't many school stations and people actually use capital ships.