Monday 7 April 2014

CSM Candidates

I'm trying to figure out who to vote for in the CSM elections this year. It's still early and there isn't much information out about many of the candidates yet, so it's a short list so far. Right now there are only 4 candidates I'm certain I'll be voting for.

1. Ali Aras
2. Sugar Kyle
4. DJ Funkybacon

These are all players I already know enough about to have a good idea of not just their experience, knowledge and abilities but even more importantly their attitudes and what they stand for.

Then there's Psychotic Monk. In many ways he seems like he might be a good candidate too but in his campaign statement on Eve Vote Match Monk says "As the Pirate King, I am standing up for interesting and competitive gameplay in highsec."

I can't endorse Monk without knowing exactly what he means by "interesting and competitive gameplay in highsec". If it means what I think it does he won't make my voting list, but if it means something else there's a good chance he'll not only make the list but be high on it.

A couple others I'm considering but need to know more about are Xander Phoena and Mike Azariah. The rest are either candidates I don't know nearly enough about yet or candidates I know enough about to be certain I will not vote for them.

Edit: The more research I do into the candidates the more It's looking like Mike will make my final list and Monk won't. Also after reading Nosy Gamer's Endorsements I realized Xander is CFC so he's out! It's highly unlikely I'll be endorsing candidates from any of the major power blocs, particularly the null blocs and most certainly not from the CFC.


  1. In the intrrest of more out of game tool we want steve ronanken (or however it is spelled.

  2. Monk stands for: Highsec PvP, Ganking, Scamming and the like.

  3. After reading Riverini's Campaign post I'll probably be adding Riverini to my list too.