Tuesday 8 April 2014

CSM Voting Recommendations

I've been working on figuring out who I'll vote for in the CSM elections this year for a while now. There are 8 candidates I'll be voting for.

1. Ali Aras
2. Sugar Kyle
3. Riverini
5. DJ Funkybacon
6. Mike Azariah

Late additions

7. Steve Ronuken
8. James Argent

Four of these are players I already knew enough about to have a good idea of not just their experience, knowledge and abilities but even more importantly their attitudes and what they stand for.

The first two in particular are IMO the cream of the crop, the best of this year's candidates.

Ali is considered one of the best of the outgoing CSM, having earned a reputation as a responsible, hard working, thoughtful and very effective member. Voting for her again (as my number 1 choice this time) was a no-brainer.

Sugar is a well known, prolific blogger who's opinions and attitudes have always been wide out in the open on her blog Lowsec Lifestyle. I'm confident she has what it takes to be a strong CSM representative.

DNSBLACK and DJ Funkybacon are a both a bit opinionated and can be very outspoken but that's not necessarily a bad thing. They'll probably shake things up a bit at times but sometimes a little shakeup is exactly what's needed. At least with them around there's a chance we might actually hear about what the CSM is up to while it's happening rather than months later buried deep in some long, boring and very thoroughly censored edited CSM minutes transcription.

Riverini's Campaign post on CCP's forums convinced me to add him to the list. The way goons and pets attacked that post trying to discredit him helped his stock with me a lot too. If goons don't want him on the CSM that alone seems like a pretty good indication he might be a worthy candidate.

While  not exactly a ringing endorsement, at this time Mike Azariah is the only other acceptable candidate. There are a number of other candidates that might be acceptable too but there simply isn't enough information out about them yet to make a decision on. As more information comes to light I may (or may not) add others to this list.

Steve and James are late additions to the list. James is a wormhole guy, who probably already has more than enough support from the WH community to win a seat. Steve is a market and industry guy I knew almost nothing about until very recently. He probably needs more support to get elected. They were both added on 09 April, after the list was first posted.

And then there's the DO NOT VOTE FOR list.

Basically anyone from the major power blocs, especially the null blocs and particularly from goons and the cfc. The null blocs have way too much power already, the rest of us (high sec, low sec, wormhole and npc null players) need to counteract that by voting only for our own reps and NOT VOTING for null bloc reps.

Also includes the sociopathic types who get their jollies out of griefing, ganking, scamming, bullying and other disreputable activies and actually believe having complete freedom to be as big an asshole as possible is the only thing that matters in Eve.


  1. Riverini is the man behind evenews24 and if he spends as much effort on the CSM as on his site it doesn't bode well for the quality of his work. The only reason to vote for him is if you really hate Goons. Riverini will oppose goons every step of the way and it doesn't matter if it is good for the game or not.

    At least this is the vibe I get from his campaign, most of which simply reminds me of the previous times I read the same general promises about communication, listening and offering solutions.

    1. AFAIC, goons represent most of what's wrong with the game, therefore opposing goons IS good for the game. I liked what Riverini had to say in his campaign post. That post convinced me he was worth voting for but it was the goons reaction that pushed him all way up to the number 3 spot on my list.