Thursday 19 February 2015

PLEX Business Progress

Just a quick screenshot to show the PLEX business is going good.

I'm slowly increasing my volume and making better than expected profits. Slowly grinding those broker fees down on more characters too. So far I'm finding as those fees go down both volume and profits per PLEX go up. I don't expect that to last long though. Once I have the fees down on all my traders I'll push even more aggressively for volume. At that point the competition is likely to get fierce and profits per PLEX will go down.


  1. What's your current broker's fee and what is the goal? Also, do you have a way to measure your plex sales per character? It would be interesting to see how evenly % vise sales are distributed.

  2. Depends on the character. Some are still at 0.75, most are at 0.50% or less, a few are around 0.30%.