Friday 6 February 2015

WTB Eve Character with Caldari State Standings

I'm looking to purchase an Eve Online character that has high standings with Caldari State faction. At least 8 and preferably 9 or 10.

Trading skills and Caldari Navy corporation standing would be nice too but aren't absolutely necessary. Nothing else matters, I don't care what other skills it may or may not have trained, the only thing that really matters is high Caldari State faction standings.

I'm almost afraid to ask just how much someone would want for such a character but I might as well find out.

If you don't have such a character for sale but know of one that is for sale, I'll pay a substantial finders fee to the first person to direct me towards any character I do wind up buying.

If prices aren't too ridiculous, I might be interested in characters with high SoE, Amarr, Minmatar and Gallente faction standings too.


  1. I've been thinking of getting out of the sordid trader world - but I see my trader has just 6.06 unadjusted standings for the Caldari State and 8.75 unadjusted towards the Caldari Navy...

  2. That's actually pretty decent, it should put you around 0.3% broker fee. So paying that twice and paying 0.75% tax once to buy and sell something would be 1.35% total cost.

    For PLEX at 800 mil each that'd 10.08 mil cost. The bare minimum cost with perfect standings of 10/10 and 800 mil price is exactly 9 mil.

    But I'm not far from that already and I figure I can grind that much myself pretty quick.

  3. 7.27 Caldari State and 9.93 Caldari Navy. (I ran a lot of missions a while back). I didn't even think about what that would do to my ability to buy and sell in Jita.

  4. If you have hard time finding char to buy, perhaps you can hire the standing grinding services (you wrote about it before). Though I imagine effort of keeping logging in to fleet up and time is an issue. In this case, try to ask if they are willing to create character and grind standings on their machine that you would buy back once grind is complete. Plus it could be set to train skills meanwhile. There is no reason other party should not agree on such terms. It should make their grind more efficient.

  5. That's a pretty good idea about having someone make a character to order, grind the standings and then buy it from them. It'd take a while but just might be worth it. I'll have to think about it.

  6. I did manually grind for my 3 accounts. I believe I went up to 7 in both corp and faction standings and it took me 2 months with 4 pvp accounts. It was terrible and very time consuming. Some cosmos you can buy off the market, some not available, some are way overpriced and when you do the math for each mission, it can be way too much.

    Worst part was the bad design of COSMOS. It was a complete time waste and luck based in some missions. Not to mention competition you get from other folks trying to snatch those few parts you really need. I am not sure if it changed much as it was more than 2 years ago. If you plan only grinding with 1 char, it might take awhile.

  7. Sean Redenbach13 June 2015 at 15:31

    Three EVE PVP toons FS 45 mil sps, 85 mil sps, 75 mil sps


    I havent played in a couple years, I have found myself in need of a
    little bit of money asap, The quicker these go the cheaper i will sell
    them for.

    The first one is a 45 mil sps pure minny toon, that was built from the
    ground up to be an opposing force, He is a sub capital pilot, I
    typically liked flying hacs and lower with him, but he can fly strats
    and up to battleships well i might add. Skill points were not wasted on
    stupid skills with this character

    The second toon up is 75 mil sps all pvp sub capital ships, 85 skills at
    level 5, all remaps available, all the toons have +5 implants in there
    heads, Plus god knows how much lp and assets lol well over a billion on
    each of em.

    The final toon, is 85 mil sps, mainly minmatar with terretiary gallente,
    once again all pvp all sub capital ships 102 skills at level 5, Just a
    pvp machine.

    Like i said i want this gone like now, No reasonable offer would be
    refused. But for the sake of arguing, I am going to put the price tags
    at 200 Canadian for the 85 mil sps toon 175 Canadian for the 75 mil SPS
    toon, And 100 canadian for the 45 mil toon....

    But i will let them all go for 300 OBO if it is like today asap.

    Message me for more details!

    Oh yeah positive wallets sec statuses etc.