Thursday 12 May 2016

DM-Phobos for Unreal Tournament 4

DM-Phobos - version Alpha 1 (A1) released 12 May 2016

This map is based upon the original DM-Phobos for Unreal Tournament. The UT99 version that is, not the 2kx version, which is very different from the original.

It's scaled up 2.5 times larger, with UT4 materials and a CTF-Face style "skybox" (the only space sky assets in game right now).

There are (so far) no custom assets and very few meshes so the download is very small, roughly 9M.

The original map had no pulse gun (aka link gun) though there were 2 ammo packs for it and did have 2 rippers with 4 ammo packs for them. I've reversed that in this version. The rippers and their ammo packs have been replaced with link guns and ammo for them while the link ammo packs have been replaced with ripper ammo packs (there is no ripper weapon).

Besides that item placement is the same as in the original map.

There is no secret door in front of the alcove with invis and jumpboots (one of two jumpboots on the map). That's temporary until I make a proper door for it.

- Added UTGenericObjectivePoints for Showdown.
- Added blocking volumes to smooth out the stairs. All but the curved stairs which are a real pain to do, that can wait until it's meshed.
- Added killzone beneath the station.
- Did an initial lighting pass.

Bots are supported. The navmesh was working fine yesterday but it looks really funky in the new version of the editor, I hope they didn't break it!

The latest versions of all my maps can be found here:

I'm in the process of updating all the maps for the latest game build. 4 are already up now and working on getting the rest built and pak'd.

Feedback is always welcome!

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