Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Mindlink Price Crash Reminder

It's official now, Odyssey 1.1 will be released on Tuesday September 3rd.

That's only 1 week away from today.

This is a reminder that in Odyssey 1.1 Mindlinks will be available from Concord LP stores. Expect a flood of mindlinks on the market and a resultant price crash

Mining Foreman Mindlinks in particular will crash hard. They're currently priced over a billion and are expected to go for around 75 mil after the patch. It wouldn't surprise me if they go for even less than that for the first few weeks after the patch.

If you were planning on buying a Mining Foreman Mindlink in the near future hold off for a week or so and save yourself over a billion ISK.

If you're sitting on a stockpile of Mining Foreman Mindlinks start dumping them now and get what you can for them before they crash hard.


  1. After your first post I have been watching the Hek price. Has fallen from 1.4bn to 1.0bn, with the more recent sell orders looking panicky.

    Good spot.

    1. I'm surprised Mining Foreman Mindlink prices are still holding over 1 bil. Especially now with the release date for 1.1 less than a week away.

      It seems most players are completely oblivious to this change. I guess there's going to be a few very surprised traders on patch day.

      Hopefully it'll hit the no-lifers and bots hardest. =)