Friday, 16 August 2013

Brain Dead Order Entry System Strikes Again

Eves's brain dead order entry system burned me again today.

I really wish CCP would get off their butts and fix this retarded, unrealistic, ass backwards system.

CCP likes to talk about how they take such a hard line stance against bots and other forms of cheating. Yet they continue to bury their heads in the sand and ignore a poorly thought out unrealistic mechanic that only benefits bots (bots don't make typos so it never hurts them) and hurts honest players who don't cheat.

It'd be so easy to fix too.

Assuming marginally competent programmers it should be a simple matter of changing a couple simple conditional logic statements to do the opposite of what they do now. It shouldn't take anything much more complicated than changing a conditional operator or moving some variables around in a couple places (one for buy orders, another for sell orders). If it takes much more than that then not only is the code a mess but the programmers who wrote it in the first place had to be incompetent.

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