Thursday, 8 August 2013

Three Month Expansion Plan - Part 1

I started a 3 month business expansion training plan a few months back. It's almost finished now and I meant to post about it sooner but somehow I never got around to finishing the post until now.

The original plan was to make 6 new accounts and train up 6 or 7 new characters for 3 months (closer to 4 months actually, but it'd only take 3 PLEX), then transfer most of characters to consolidate accounts and reduce monthly PLEX costs thereafter.

3 Plex = 90 days + 21 day trial = 111 days, learning the full training plan takes about 110 days (with +4 implants and Charisma 30, Memory 24 remap).

I recently (like last night) changed my mind and decided to keep all the accounts active. I'm going to start another 3 month expansion plan with 6 more new traders instead. Look for another post about that soon.

All characters at the very least learned Margin Trading V, Retail V and had started learning Wholesale before beginning to do any trading.

5 Secondary Traders

Four characters are on the hubs in Amarr, Dodixie, Rens, Hek and another is in Lonetrek region. These five are secondary traders dealing in lower value items only (mostly skill-books and a handful of mods I use myself). Initially they started trading 63 different skillbooks worth 1-5 million ISK each. This allowed the primary traders in the same places to drop those items and freed up around 100 orders (both buy and sell) on each trader to use for other more expensive items.

Later, after the 5 secondary traders all had at least Tycoon IV (for 269 orders), they took over skill books worth between 5 and 10 million ISK too and freed up even more orders for the primary traders.

The 5 secondary traders generate almost passive income (more passive than so-called passive income from PI), rarely updating orders more than once a week, if even that often. So far they aren't generating a whole lot but it's still more than enough to pay the PLEX costs for the accounts.

Eventually I'll probably drop skill books under 10 or 20 million altogether and have the secondary traders handle implants, ships and ammo or something like that instead.

2 Primary Traders

The other 2 traders went to secondary hubs on Ichoriya and Clellinon. One was the 6th new trader on a new account, the other was my "spare" trader on Jita which I dual trained and sent to Clellinon. The Clellinon trader moved to Alentene yesterday, only a few jumps away in the same region but a little better positioned to catch through traffic.

These two didn't start trading until they had Margin Trading V, Accounting V and 129 (Ichoriya) or 269 (Clellinon Alentene) orders. They don't do much with skill books worth under 20 million, mostly handling mods, implants and the more expensive skill books like my primary traders in other places.

The Skill Plan

Here's the skill plan they're all following

Cybernetics I

Plug in +3 Intelligence, Memory implants

Trade I
Social I
Contracting I
Cybernetics III- IV

plug in +4 Charisma, Willpower, Memory implants

Trade II - IV
Retail I - IV
Broker Relations I - IV
Accounting I - IV
Margin Trading I - V

Contracting II - III
Daytrading I - IV

Marketing I - IV
Retail V
Wholesale I - IV

Accounting V
Wholesale V
Tycoon I - IV

Broker Relations V
Tycoon V
Trade V
Daytrading V
Marketing V
Contracting IV

They're all nearly finished now, currently learning either Marketing V or Tycoon V. They've also picked up a few days worth of basic navigation, capacitor and fitting skills.

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