Friday, 9 August 2013

Torpedo Launchers For Dummies

Caldari Navy Torpedo Launchers are for dummies!

Don't believe it? It's true, here's why:

Recent Jita prices:

Dread Guristas: 27 million
Caldari Navy: 88 million

Jita prices a few months ago:

Dread Guristas: 35 million
Caldari Navy: 115 million

Triple the price

Caldari Navy Torpedo Launchers are usually nearly always about 3 times the price of Dread Guristas Torpedo Launchers. There's always plenty of both in stock on all the major hubs and many of the secondary hubs too.

Other than the name they are identical

Dread Guristas Torpedo Launchers have the exact same attributes, fitting requirements and prerequisites as Caldari Navy Torpedo Launchers. In other words, besides the name they are identical. The Caldari version is usually priced in the 75-100 million ISK range, the Guristas version is usually well under 40 million.

I'm amazed prices stay so high for either since there really isn't very much demand for faction torpedo launchers in the first place. They're way too expensive for most players to consider using on ~20 million ISK glass cannons (Stealth Bombers) and that has to be where the vast majority of Torpedo Launchers get used.

To clarify, I meant torpedo launchers in general (not faction torps in particular) are mostly used on bombers. The point being with Stealth Bombers not using faction torps, I believe there isn't much demand for faction torps, they're over supplied and over priced.

Mind you the funny part is when they do sell they often sell in threes which implies buying for a bomber. There must be more dummies than I think, either that or more of those oversized 10MN AB faction fit bombers running around than I thought.

Something to think about

I have a hunch most sales of faction torpedo launchers are traders flipping them back and forth amongst themselves. The old "It's purple, it's gotta be worth more!" thinking.

I've bought them cheaply many times and though it usually took a while, eventually resold them for hefty profits. Sometimes the buyer sells them back to me for much less a few weeks or months later. That's happened at least a few times though I don't think it's ever been the same guy twice.

Someone must be getting burned on them and it isn't me.


Don't be a dummy, if you must have faction torpedo launchers on your stealth bomber just buy Dread Guristas Torpedo Launchers and save yourself an easy 150-200 mil ISK.


  1. Mission CNR/Golem with torpedoes, not as unheard of as you'd expect. This is where I think most of them get used, not bombers.

    1. For faction torpedo launchers you're probably correct.

      But when I said most torps get used on bombers I meant torps in general, not just faction torps.

      Most bombers fit Arbalest, T2 are difficult to fit and faction are just too expensive except for pimped out niche fits like oversize 10MN AB fits.

      I've edited the article to make that clear.