Monday 30 September 2013

Newb Noob Nub

Words like newb, newbie, noob and nub get tossed around a lot, often as insults but what do they really mean? Or do they all just mean the same thing?

To many they do mean the same thing but I've always looked at it like this:

A "newb" or "newbie" is someone new to the game who hasn't been playing for very long. He does silly things and makes mistakes because he hasn't been playing long enough to know any better yet. More experienced players might laugh at his antics but he's probably capable of learning and becoming a better player. Newbs are usually quite happy to take advice (solicited or not) from more experienced players.

"How come my movement keys don't work?" - Newb

A "noob" is someone who's been playing long enough he should know better but still plays like a newb. He's been playing too long to be considered a newb anymore but plays very casually. He might be capable of learning but he really doesn't care what others think. As long he's still having fun that's all that matters to him. Noobs are content to keep on doing things their own way, could care less about learning to do things differently and don't want advice. They may not take unsolicited advice very well.

"Don't try to tell me how to play! I'll play the way I like!" - Noob

A "Nub" is someone who's been playing for a long time, plays a lot and thinks all that play time makes him an expert on everything but he's really just a clueless idiot. Nubs love telling everyone how special they are, they'll argue about the stupidest things trying to prove it, offer unsolicited bad advice to everyone and wonder why nobody listens to them or appreciates their genius.

"I've been playing for 10 years! I know 100x more than you! I've forgotten more than you'll ever know so just STFU and listen to me! You stupid newbie!" - Nub

This started out as a comment I made over at A Noob's Tale in Eve that I thought was worth expanding upon and turning into a post here.

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