Tuesday 3 September 2013

Odyssey 1.1 has Landed - Mindlinks have crashed

Odyssey 1.1 is finally here. There are plenty of changes but I'm just going to focus on one change I've talked about before.

T2 warfare mindlinks (including mining mindlinks) have been added to the Concord LP store for 20,000 Concord LP and 20m isk. - patch notes


I've been predicting a mindlink price crash for some time now. It was inevitable with T2 warfare mindlinks becoming LP store items. They're expected to go for around 75 million after the patch. I expected Mining Foreman Mindlinks which were going for over 1 billion in the past to get hit particularly hard.

Mining Foreman Mindlinks finally dropped under a billion ISK on Jita a few days before the patch but were still well over 900 million just before downtime today. I'm surprised they hadn't dropped more than that already. I could understand if it was just sell orders holding high but buy orders were still right up there too. I guess some Eve market players aren't very sophisticated, they mustn't read patch notes or market blogs or for that matter do much more than play the 0.01 ISK game.

Oh well their loss, some of them stand to lose billions. The ones with buy orders up post patch at old pre patch levels. Hopefully most of them are botters and the botters lose their shirts over it, it'd serve them right!

Logging in today some 7 or 8 hours after downtime I see Mining Foreman Mindlinks going for 89 million in sell orders and under 50 million in buy orders (my 50 million buy orders for 10 have been filled). Other mindlinks are all in the 60-70 million range in sell orders and well under 50 million in buy orders. All my 40-50 million ISK buy orders for 5-10 of each of those have been filled too. And that's just on Jita I haven't checked orders in the other 17 regions I operate in yet.

I wish I had a few trillion spare ISK just sitting around... I'd be snapping up huge stacks of them as long as they're under 50 million.

Also don't forget the new Navy Mindlinks

New Navy Mindlinks with the 25% bonus to two different disciplines at once (matching racial command ship bonuses) have been added to the normal racial LP stores at 100,000 LP and 100m isk, as well as requiring you to provide one of each of the T2 mindlinks that it combines. - patch notes

Currently the new Navy Mindlinks are in the 250 to 500 million range on Jita. I expect them to wind up going for around 500 million but it's too early to say for sure about that yet.


  1. At 1000 isk/lp the floor for T2 is 40m and for Navy 400m. I wouldn't get too excited about stock more expensive than that.

    1. I'm very confident I can resell the T2 for more than 50 million.

      In fact on patch day I bought 60-70 of each T2 type (except information) for an average of about 50 million each and I've already resold more than half of them for between 89 mil and 200 mil each. I even sold a few mining links for 300-400 mil each in remote areas where there wasn't much competition.

      Navy I'm not quite so sure of but I figure they should resell for at least 500 mil. I haven't bought any Navy implants yet, I do have buy orders up but I played it safe on them and kept my buy prices on the low side.

    2. I don't mind paying a fair bit more than the theoretical "floor" price. That means I can buy more *without camping* and more than make up for lower margins with higher volume.

      My entire business depends on that. I pay better and sell for less than many but I do good volume and it all adds up.