Sunday 29 September 2013

Sisters of Eve - Trading Update

Just 2 days after I posted about Trading Sisters of Eve Launchers the market for them in The Forge (the region Jita and Osmon are in) looks like this:

I'm not sure how much of a coincidence it is this happened shortly after my post but it's a significant departure from how this market usually looks.

The interesting part is sell prices on Jita are actually over 2 million lower than buy prices on Osmon. Normally for the past year and more I've been buying and selling them it's been exactly the opposite.

It'll be interesting to see how long this lasts and it'll be even more interesting to see what happens after the forthcoming new Sisters of Eve ships are out.


  1. Do you think some is a side effect of the surge of people grinding SOE LP for the patch?

    1. Could be... If enough players are already starting to save Sisters LP for the patch.

      On the other hand my experience is most players (and not just in Eve) who grind "points" (or ore or w/e) as a source of income don't seem to think ahead like that. They want whatever they can get for it NOW, not next week, next month or next patch when it might be worth more.

      IMO it's more likely a few speculators with a lot of spare cash are already starting to buy up all the available ones in anticipation of prices going up and staying up when the patch lands.

    2. BTW, I came >< close to buying all the ones at 38.x mil but in the end I decided not to... There wasn't much of a margin on Jita and I already had a lot bought even cheaper up for sale everywhere else.