Wednesday 11 September 2013

Ganking in Derelik

I see Gevlon is ganking in Gamis now. That makes me happy, my main competition in Derelik is based out of Gamis. Usually Derelik is a slow, sleepy region where you don't have to worry much about gankers. Hopefully he'll get a trade hauler or two on top of the miners.

For anyone thinking of helping Gevlon's little project I'd suggest ganking in Jarizza too. Might as well knock off the only other noticeable competition in the region while you're at it.

But stay away from Tanoo, there's absolutely nothing interesting going on there. And whatever you do don't harass any Vigils or Prowlers you happen to notice flying around the area.

Gamis is a mining center and Jarizza is a manufacturing center. While I'm not positive, I presume they're both mission hubs too. Tanoo is where I'm based out of, I choose it because it's a travel chokepoint on the route to both Rens (4 jumps away) and Devoid Region (one of the few hi sec regions I don't have a trader in).

All 3 are hi sec trade hubs, fairly central in the region and have clone and repair facilities. Jarizza has factories too.


  1. Looking at his kill board, he is almost entirely focused on barges and exhumers. Your trading competition is more than likely safe.

    (Always had a soft spot for Derelik - lived the first half of my EVE life around it. Mostly quiet, but the trips to Jita were very long.)

    1. Yeah, I know but I can always hope.

      I've only been Derelik for a short time now but it's definitely worth working.

  2. Yah there are a few L4 hubs there with little trade hubs wrapped around them. Several ice mining places that are very busy because they are do out of the way and in pipes.

    Also, no schools so skill book prices are always a thing.

    1. Yup! the first thing I did was round up a bunch of skillbooks and send them there.