Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A Titanic Deal = A Great Day

When I fired up jEveAssets today I was surprised to see my net worth had gone up by 7 or 8 billion overnight. One character had over 7.7 billion in assets, around 6 billion more than he'd had less than 12 hours earlier. WTH?

So I checked the transactions log in game and found this.

Sweet, not only did I buy a bunch of +5 implants at nice prices, I got a titan book for only 6 million ISK or a bit more than 1/1000th of what they sell for. I'll make close to half a billion on the implants and nearly 5.5 billion on the book.

6 billion in profit on a single character makes for a great day!


  1. Apparantly the profit in trading is not in selling high, people will try to undercut you anyway. The real profit in trading seems to be in well set up buy orders because most people don't have patience and will buy from sell orders instead.

  2. profits are always made on the buy order. It's the one truism in eve. Everything else is lucky speculation

  3. GWI I have to disagree, I think it's fair to say profits are made on both sides. Probably 80% of my income has come from buying at Jita or base NPC prices and selling elsewhere, which I've achieved through using quite black and white cookie-cutter methods. I suppose it just depends on the play/trade style of each individual.

    MoxNix, I know you probably can't/shouldn't show the player who sold you that Titan book, but I'm pretty sure he's just uninstalled Eve and turned his computer into a pile of melted plastic and scrap metal. lol Can you imagine the profanity when it dawned on him what he'd done...

  4. I'd agree profits are made on both sides but with the caveat that most of the profit, especially on the really big profits is made on the buy order.

    The titan book seller might not even realize what he did. Maybe he was a ganker selling off a bunch of loot who didn't notice he had an expensive item in the mix. Or maybe he just didn't know what a titan book is worth.

    Or maybe he was the greedy, impatient type, who read 6 billion instead of the 6 million it actually was and sold it as quickly as possible... Without bothering to double check the numbers... In that case, yeah, you're probably right. ;)