Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Goon Hunting Season - Opens Monday

As revealed yesterday Goon Hunting Season will be opening soon. Following a philosophy best expressed as "the only good goon is a dead goon", the overall plan is to sponsor a series of fun contests and events featuring the harassment, griefing and killing of goons.

Hunt goons down, massacre them in bunches and harvest their tears... Anywhere you can find them but especially on their own turf.

The first event to kick off Goon Hunting Season will be Death Race 2014, a week full of races from EC-P8R to VFK-IV. In the spirit of the old Death Race movies a big part of the race will be collecting bonus points by killing bystanders, only this time they'll be goons rather than innocents.

Prizes are guaranteed to be worth at least 5 billion in total. If the turnout is exceptional the prize pool may be increased.

Opening day will be on Monday the 20th of January 2014. Complete rules for the race will be posted before then.

Feel free to spread the word and help ensure a good turnout with as many showing up to kill goons as possible.


  1. Why target goons specifically instead of random other alliance? Because they are the most visible? Why not extend it to the entire CFC?

    Death races will be a lot easier with the interceptor bubble immunities.

    1. Actually it's goons and pets, the entire CFC. That'll all be explained in the rules posting coming in another day or two.

    2. It's occured to me as someone who does harass the CFC from time to time that focusing on Goons and leaving the pets might prove subtly effective. The Goons are the strongest and richest alliance in the CFC - what would happen to the House of Cards they've built if they weren't?

    3. That's a point I have been considering, I might change my mind yet. It would make validating kills simpler too... If it's just goons then there are no grey areas regarding who's an ally/pet and who isn't.

      I think some very interesting things could happen to that house of cards if more players start encouraging anti goon activities with ISK rewards.

    4. After thinking about it some more, I probably will limit it to counting goon kills only. Simply because scoring kills will be much simpler without worrying about whether every non goon is an ally/pet or not.

  2. I spent one evening camping EC-P8R but Mordus Angels were in control of the gate for most of that evening until SMA took over.
    Besides that I think that your readership perhaps consists more of traders as pvp-ers