Thursday, 16 January 2014

Quick Turnaround Trade

Gotta like those quick turnaround trades, especially when there are nice profits involved.

Less than 2 hours from buying to selling for an easy 80 million ISK profit. Actually less time than that. I'm not sure exactly how much less but it was definitely less than an hour after I logged in and posted them for sale.

Just goes to show why you should post things for sale at reasonable prices rather than trying to gouge too much. Other Cranes posted for sale in the region were around 150 million (very high compared to prices elsewhere) and have just been sitting for a long time, NOT selling. Yet my 2 posted at a slightly higher than normal but still reasonable price sold very quickly.


  1. You should be careful of undercutting too deep too fast. Gently nudge the market along, rather than cutting by 30%. If you do, you'll only leave your orders vulnerable to the traders who bought at lower prices previously.

  2. That's a double edged sword. The flip side is if you don't undercut deep enough the 0.01 ISKers will just cut you perpetually every 5 minutes.

    That one went so fast I do kinda wish I posted them a bit higher. But I can't complain about making 80 million on the trade either.

    I did a little price checking afterwards and realized the no-lifers and bots have jacked the price up on Cranes in a lot of places... Gonna have to get a bit more aggressive on purchasing them until the price settles back down and business goes back to normal. I should be doing similar business on Cranes as I do on Prowlers and right now I'm not.