Thursday, 2 January 2014

Expensive Paste

I was wondering how my net worth suddenly went up by roughly 10 billion overnight. I hadn't made any really big purchases or stock transfers lately, nothing close to 10 billion worth anyhow. Something had to be wrong.

Then I noticed one of my characters had over 18 billion in sell orders when it should have been more like 8 or 9 billion. Checking into that further I found this

I'd posted 474 Nanite Repair Paste at 20.5 million each when I meant to post them for 20.5 thousand each. One thousand times more than intended or about 9.7 billion in total instead of 9.7 million.

The broker fee I paid for this typo was way more than the paste is worth.

There are plenty of reasonably priced ones up too so the chances of someone else mistakenly buying some of them are next to nothing. Another 72 million lost to a silly mistake.


  1. that is a mistake i find myself making at times. The only main way i find to protect myself is to firstly make sure the alt that posts the sell order is paying the broker fees (i.e. not my corporation - i don't want my corporation wallet to be exposed) and secondly limiting the ISK held by that alt to a level that is sufficient to meet the planned broker fees required to post the sell orders.

    1. That might help for straight buying from sell orders or buy orders without Margin Trading but it doesn't work with buy orders when you have the Margin Trading skill to increase your buying power. With Margin Trading you have to keep enough ISK in your wallet to cover the additional escrow when a buy order gets filled.

      At Margin Trading V you need 1 billion in escrow for every 5 billion (roughly) in buy orders with another 4 billion additional escrow that has to be covered when the buy orders are filled.

      I generally like to keep about the same amount in cash on hand as I have in escrow. Even for my lowest capitalized alts that's at least 3 billion.

      Also I'm not sure how it works with corporation wallets. All my characters are in NPC corps for wardec immunity. If, as you seem to be implying, it's possible to have fees come out of the character wallet and escrows/taxes/payments out of the corp wallet, then limiting the cash in the character wallet would work better.