Monday 17 March 2014

Big Months and Big Blunders

Imagine my surprise when I fired up JeveAssets a few days ago and saw I'd made 41 billion overnight and 75 billion on the month so far with the month not even half over yet.

Something had to be wrong. There's no way I made that much overnight unless virtually all my extreme lowball orders in several different regions got filled at once and that's just not going to happen.

Then I noticed this.

What?! 46 billion in sell orders on just one character? Definitely something wrong there. That character shouldn't have had more than 5 or 6 billion in sell orders. Checking a bit further I found this.

A 41 billion ISK sell order... It was supposed to be 198 thousand ISK each, not 198 million ISK each. A silly typo that cost me 313 million in broker fees.

A few hours later someone actually bought one at that price which mitigated most of the loss incurred.

If anyone really wants to know the name of my Amarr trader this is your big chance. All you have to do is buy one of my Upgraded EM Ward Amps too. =)


  1. Do you have the warning box which comes up if your buy or sell order is materially different to the average price switched on? (though it does appear a bit random as to when it will step in to protect you).

    I find it annoying but it has saved my skin on many occasions.

  2. The warning box is pretty much useless. It warns me a thousand times when there's nothing wrong and doesn't warn me when there is something wrong.

    Plus, sometimes when entering/updating hundreds of orders I get into the habit of ignoring it and just hitting enter quickly because it's coming up repeatedly (on practically every orders) and always wrong. Then it's right for once and I hit enter too quickly. That's what happened on this one.

  3. To clarify, nearly everything I sell goes for millions. I type the price in millions, then very quickly type 1,2,3 zeros, 1,2,3 zeros and hit enter. When the warning box, as it often does, is coming up on practically every order, I've already entered a hundred or more and the box has been wrong every single time, I start just hitting enter twice rapidly too.

    Then I go to post something priced under a million, hit 6 zeros like usual instead of 3 this time, hit enter and quickly hit enter again when the box (that's been wrong a few hundred times already) pops up.

    If I slow down to read the stupid (nearly always wrong) box every time it'd take hours to go through 305 orders instead of a half hour or so.

  4. I've learned to start taking a beat before clicking, made a 100m oopsie last week myself. That and always updating the buy order first, so if I screw up the sell order (which is all I've ever done) i sell to myself, and hedge.

    I've actually tried to get in the habit of making my trading list smaller, seems to make it less likely I'll update orders on autopilot and screw up accidentally.

    ouch on the oopsie your end though, glad someone covered it. The occasional buy order that gets filled as a lowball does fill me with joy though.

    Now if only I could get them to stop doing it in Rancer

    1. I've got way too many orders to do that. Updating sell orders to keep my cash flow going is far more important than updating buy orders and I don't even update most of my sell orders every day.

      Plus this was a stack of old stuff I don't buy anymore.

      Ha Rancer... Sell it at a little better price than usual right on Rancer and the campers will buy it from you... Or alternately courier it out 1 jump and the campers will move it for you.

  5. Like a really big hook with a really small worm on the tip of it thats clearly a trap, just waiting for some lazy fat fish to bite. Grats on the 198m sell!
    Hope you get more unless you already took it down.

    1. Actually just took it down last night. It was messing up my jEveAssets numbers so I couldn't just leave it up forever.

      Being on Amarr it got undercut quickly. I only got the one bite before someone posted a bunch for 250k each and it wasn't much longer before they were under 200k.