Tuesday 18 March 2014

The New Genesis

Someone finally posted about how good doing business in Genesis has been since they added new level 3 and 4 Sister's of Eve agents at Apanake and Simela.

Back in January I had mentioned business in Genesis was experiencing a big growth spurt but I didn't go into details because Genesis has been by far my best source of cheap Sisters Launchers (among other things) ever since.

With the cat out of the bag I figured I might as well post some screenshots showing how good business is since it's bound to get more competitive now.

Though I buy a lot of Sisters Launchers in Genesis I don't sell a whole lot there. Most of the ones I buy get exported to other regions and sold for higher prices.

Business throughout the whole region has been extremely good ever since the new sisters agents were added several months back. Plenty of PvE players moved into the area to farm SoE loyalty points causing overall business in the region to increase by 300 billion in under 4 months.

Apanake (level 4 Sisters agent) in particular has seen massive growth, very quickly growing from a tiny out of the way backwater into the largest mission and market hub in the region.

Genesis is a terrific place to set up business in now. IMO, there's still plenty of room for new traders to open for business in the region. Besides Apanake, Tar, Simela and even Gergish are good systems to set up shop in.

Don't forget to read that link at the top of this post, there's plenty of good information in it.

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