Wednesday 19 March 2014

Sweet Sisters Deal

Another blunder

I got a sweet deal on some Sisters launchers today due to another player's mistake. It was probably intended to be an extreme lowball buy order that got accidentally entered as a sell order instead.

Normally I don't post the name of the player making a mistake but since I recognized the name this time I couldn't resist.


  1. Yeah, that one pissed me off. Literally as I hit the three on the numberpad, the order just dissapeared, and 6 of them were gone. That one I put a petition in for, there was no -100% warning or anything. No idea what their stance is on that, but good for you anyways.

    And wasn't a lowball buy order misclick, was setting up a sell order, thats why it bothers me. Couldn't even do my 'stop, take a beat, click' because it was literally gone while I was typing the '8500000' in before the screen changed

    I'll live, as funnily enough, I was patting myself on the back for the 5 CN light missile launchers I got for 3mil a pop same day, so that benefit is gone.

    There's just little things like this bothering me lately, like dodixie getting orders filled in rancer, which is 7 jumps outside my orders range, or missing warning windows, or other little things like that.

    1. Yeah strange things happen sometimes.

      Personally I find market warning windows are practically useless, for every time they're actually right, there are literally hundreds of times they're wrong. You can either waste time double checking hundreds of perfectly good orders due to bogus warnings or ignore the warnings and just hit enter as fast as they pop up.

      And yeah I've been getting more orders filled on Rancer lately than usual too.

  2. Yeah, but the point is, there shouldn't be. I have my dodixie guy having orders with 5 range being filled at rancer. the Jita guy gets his 10 orders filled out, sometimes at 17 stations away. It's damned rediculous. stupid faction battleship to boot.

    Would not believe how hard it is to get someone to take a contract for a NAPOC in Rancer. I threw like 15m for a single jump and no biters for days

    1. Dunno what's going on for you in Rancer but on Jita I think I know. The system is probably actually within 10 jumps if you go through low sec. But if you have it set to go only through highsec it can take quite a few more jumps.

      And yes I can believe how hard it is to get a battleship flown out of Rancer. It'd probably be almost as hard to sell it there too.

    2. It's not that it's hard, my courier interview just points out the average courier doesn't really know how to mitigate risk. When I had to haul that bn in goods out of lowsec last time, I could do it pretty risk free, but it took so much damn time.

      the nomad that popped up on my last run gave me a chuckle though