Thursday, 5 June 2014

Tengu Electronics - Cargo Obfuscation

Just a crazy thought I had recently... A new T3 subsystems module.

Tengu Electronics - Cargo Obfuscation (aka Tear Harvester)

This subsystem adds a 3000 m3 cargo hold protected by specialized nano electronics components integrated into the very structure of the cargo hold walls which prevent the viewing of it's contents. When installed into a Tech III vessel, the electronics components resonate with scanning signals causing extreme interference feedback loops, disrupting signals and rendering them unintelligible.

Subsystem Skill Bonus:
5% bonus to cargo capacity per level.

Notes: Immune to all cargo scanners

Imagine the tears that could be harvested with this module equipped along with a Covert Reconfiguration module and an Inderdiction Nullifier. Gankers, griefers and gate campers everywhere would be screaming, ranting, raving, crying, stomping their feet, and rage quiting.

Naturally there would be similar modules for the other T3s too.

Sounds like a lot of fun! Doesn't it?


  1. Why not? Implement it together with Jester-approved Peace-Declaration for maximum Tears.

  2. Sounds like fun but I think i'd rather have more hull sizes for T3 ships as well. Battleship or capital T3 ships sound like they would offer a lot of options. Smaller hulls are more difficult to balance I think.

    1. I vote for Battlecruisers

      Basically mini Dreads that can enter high sec. :)

  3. Nice idea. Post it on Features & Ideas.

    1. That'd stir up a real shitstorm! Troll bait for a threadnaught of epic proportions!

      Too bad I won't post in the troll infested cesspools they call "official" forums. But if someone else wants to borrow the idea and run with it, go for it.

  4. I'd rather have T3 haulers, designed for customized specialized holds, cloaking and speed options, as well as cyno capability, however those would be doled out to a T3 class ship with subsystems.

    Then again, I'm not sure how changing hauling from what it is today improves anything. The push to localize industry might not benefit from hauling improvements at all.

    might be better to leave it lie, and move towards mobile construction depos, for ninja construction. I could see smaller groups creating their own subcap-CSAAs for wormhole life/Great wildlands construction nomads