Friday 12 December 2014

High Sec Militia

I ran across an interesting site today while checking Referring URLS in Blogger traffic sources.

High Sec Militia and How the Grinch Stole Gankmas

I don't know much about them yet but the project caught my interest. It looks like it might be a worthy project so I figured I'd give it a plug here.

Now they just need to provide some statistical data showing how well the project is working. Then add goons to the target list, put up a donation board and they might be onto something big.

And no, I'm not one of the mysterious "sponsors" mentioned on their site, though I have a hunch a certain other space-rich blogger might be. I wouldn't be at all surprised if it turns out to be one of his projects and he's the primary source of funds.


  1. Reading their site, I'd say the project is sadly doomed to failure. Not because the idea is flawed, but because the rewards are so miserly. It's nice they have Best In Show rewards, but since most pilots won't get that, the individual awards need to be vastly increased if they want people to participate in significant numbers.

    1. What should the individual rewards be, given the open mission format, and the unique nature of hunting high sec criminals, balanced by a fair value for a KM which does not contain proof his intended victim did not meet a similar fate?

      A "Save Mail" is worth millions to some, but the metrics for that must be read between the lines, in the blank spaces between the last victim and the criminal's loss unpaired with another victim.

      Wealth creation and wealth destruction are clear and measurable PVP metrics in EVE.

      Asset preservation is not measured nor valued by current in-game metrics.

      Pity the poor remote rep logistics pilot whose efforts are never recorded nor rewarded by in-game bounty payments.

      And pity the ECM EWAR pilot whose neutralization of all lasers/rails/blasters rescues and saves the miner, but the accolades and KM go to the pilot who -- shooting randomly - inflicts 1% damage before CONCORD finishes the task.

      All things must begin somewhere. If the work is deemed worthy and the results are valued then compensation will follow in all due time.

      I am encouraged by the results thus far, and delighted to read the enthusiasm from the members on news of their first - and subsequent - action reports of saving ships and clone lives.

      It is a spark of altruism and light in the vast darkness of New Eden, and an intangible compensation and sense of accomplishment not found in the usual mayhem on grid.

      My 2 ISK, anyway, on the matter.

    2. I think the rewards are pretty good, myself. But I'm not exactly rich, so it's all subjective. Hopefully those keeping it alive realize the benefits of it go beyond the kills and saves; it helps build a community of like minded pilots who might otherwise slowly be turned off by all the griefing going on.

  2. That's my pet peeve with Eve. It's supposedly a sandbox where you can do whatever you want, yet they make it extremely easy to be a bad guy and extremely difficult for those who want to fight the baddies.

    Want to gank? No problem, it's very easy to get into, you even get ezmode cargo scanning so you make ISK doing it.

    Want to stop ganks? Oh wait, that's being nice. We can't have people playing nice, so let's make it difficult to do, almost impossible to do effectively and most certainly not profitable.