Thursday 4 December 2014

Sugar for Chairman

The politics for CSM X have begun. Sugar Kyle, who's done a truly excellent job during her first term on CSM 9, has announced her intention to run again for CSM X.

Last year I almost posted a prediction that she as a brand new, relatively unknown first time CSM candidate would finish in 3rd place on the ballots and might even take 2nd. I actually wrote an article predicting that but never posted it.

This time I'll go out on a limb with a bold prediction and make it early. I predict Sugar upsets the well oiled, previously unbeatable goon election machine and takes the number 1 spot away from them.

Now don't make me look silly, make sure you all turn out for the vote and put her in the number 1 slot on all of your ballots!

Good luck Sugar!


  1. Lol. Thanks Mox. Remember I'm the one who pushed to remove officers from the CSM and make it a level titleless field. :P

    1. As hard as I have fought against it, I will wear this Title with honour. I will do best for the people by the people. Now bow to me bitch!

      ~ Sugar Kyle. CSM X Chairman

  2. what do you think about the latest meta 4 web craze?