Wednesday 31 December 2014

New Year's Eve PLEX

Some recent sales data I should have put in the last post showing not only is the price of PLEX still going down but PLEX can be bought for quite a bit less than Eve's modified market "history" would have us believe.

The subtle pun in the title was not intentional, it just happened.

And here are the rest of my PLEX transactions on the 29th as mentioned in comments below. None of these transactions are listed in the screenshot above, they are in addition to the ones in the first shot.

In case anyone is wondering why I referred to a comment below as a troll, this is why.

And before he deletes that Disqus account, heres a screenshot of his comment history.

Exactly 2 comments, both very recent, both in reply to me, one here and one on another blog. How nice, my biggest, craziest fan is following me around to other blogs now.


  1. What this shows by comparing this with the last one is that you bought a bunch for over 800 and then sold them for under 800. Well done indeed. Someone must be rich and it's not you.

  2. Nice try but wrong, those PLEX in that screenshot you're referring to were purchased between the 20th and 24th. They were sold or burned on account subscriptions days back.

    I added a screenshot to the original post showing the rest of my PLEX transactions on the 29th... Note there are 3 more full days between the transactions in that earlier post and the 29th that I haven't posted screenshots of.

  3. This blog is once again moderated but with a whitelist now.

    That means intelligent posters will be put on a list enabling their comments to bypass moderation and get published without delay.

    As for the troll, he can go cry himself to sleep now.