Wednesday 7 January 2015

Sleepy Blunder

It's been a while but last night I did it again. Stayed up a little too long and made a typo while entering buy orders.

76 million is just a wee bit more than 76 thousand. That little typo cost me nearly 1.5 billion.

The really annoying part is I actually typoed twice entering that one order. The quantity was supposed be 200, not 20 and if I hadn't typoed that too, the order would have failed due to not having enough cash in my wallet to buy 200 at 76 mil each!

Needless to say I stopped entering orders after that and logged out for the night.


  1. nice, I wish i was on the receiving end of that :)

  2. Made something like this but for much less money, lucky for me had a sell order on top, before i modyfied buy order. While modyfing buy order insted of 17600000 wrote 1 extra zero!
    Lucky for me, i payd to my self, so the only thing i lost was broker fee and taxes.
    Do realize this is not big figure for some, but for me it was half of my wallet, giving it awayt to someone would be worth crying :)

    From that moment, as rule i always modify sell order first if i got any, if not im extra carefull :)

  3. Again I ask, who would want it to work the way it does?