Sunday 13 October 2013

Contest Prize Feedback

I've been considering organizing and sponsoring a contest for quite a while. Without giving away exactly what the contest theme would be let's just say it'd be combat oriented and held in null but open to everyone. A major issue for me is deciding what would be appropriate prizes to hand out. I'd want to give out plenty of prizes, including some nice ones.

I'd also want to encourage both newer players and PVE players to hop into combat ships, head for null and participate.

The first contest would be sort of a test of concept with a total prize budget of up to about 20 billion ISK. It would be entirely self funded with donations neither required nor requested.

Some possible prizes I'm considering include:


Raven Navy Issue
Catalyst (likely in stacks)

ISK prizes in various amounts

I'm looking for feedback from readers on what you think would be the best prizes. Please include both large and small prizes. Feedback on suggestions from others would be very useful too, especially reasons why you think a particular thing would or would not make a good prize.


  1. Ships are always a nice insentive for most. Even the vanity ones.. With a SNI or anything really, I'd show up :D To get blown up, but still

  2. You will have to be careful with organising a competition in Null, particularly with notable prizes. You might attract those who just want to ruin it for everyone else.

    Giving the choice of a Dread or Carrier would probably interest lots of people. A Marauder or Black Ops Hull might work. I wouldn’t bother with main prizes that consist of standard sub-cap T1 hulls. Go T2 or Pirate faction. Basically hulls that people might not always think to buy for themselves, but think are cool - Bhaalgorn,Machariel etc.

    1. I know what you're getting at but that won't be much of a problem with the type of contest I have in mind.

    2. "Contest" might not have been the best choice of words for what I have in mind. Maybe I should have called it an "event" instead.

  3. If you're looking to be able to have prizes that newish players can fly (rather than just resell) you might want to consider faction/pirate cruisers and frigates. Now that we're post tiericide a new player getting up to high battlecruiser/battleship skills in multiple factions is a longer train. Yes, I know that for many people with lots of ISK it won't feel like a pirate frigate or cruiser is a special thing, but for many folks it's still a luxury.

  4. Apart from ships a solid "lesser" prize could be some plex, there's not much a lot of players wouldn't do for some plex haha

    1. Good point. Dunno why I didn't think of PLEX in the first place, especially considering how many of my recent articles have been about PLEX in one way or another.

      Added PLEX to the list in the orginal post.